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Build Status

This repo stores the content and builds the static html for the website, excluding the blog/ and gardenmesh/ directories.

Make changes

If you want to change the text/links/images on a page, simply edit the file in the corresponding page directory in src/.

If you want to add a new page that will live at, say,, create the src/sour-raccoons directory, and put an in it.

View your changes locally

First you'll need to install node.js. Then:

cd peoplesopen-front
npm install               (install all the dependencies needed by our gulpfile)
npm install -g npx        (npx comes with new versions of npm)

Now you're ready. This command runs a local webserver:

npm run dev

And this one rebuilds the web/ directory with your latest changes:

npm run build


After gaining ssh access to the webserver, run:

npm run publish

which is just an alias for npx gulp && scp -r web/*


- lib/                    # helpers used by the gulpfile

- src/                    # page content and assets live here
-- about/                 
---              # every page has an that lives
                          # in a directory corresponding to the page's url
                          # (e.g.

                          # at the top of the, you can specify
                          # the page title and the name of the template to use
                          # to render the page (see templates/)

-- assets/
--- files/
--- fonts/
--- images/
--- javascript/
--- stylesheets/

- templates/              # reused html lives here (e.g. page layouts)
-- html.twig              # this is the base html used for all pages
-- layout/
--- homepage.twig         # this is the html used for the homepage
--- two-columns.twig      # this is the layout used for pages with the "Let's Hack" sidebar

- config.yml              # project settings (e.g. website title)

- gulpfile.js             # turns .scss and .md files into css and html files
                          # in the web/ directory

- package-lock.json       # these files keep track of dependencies used by the gulpfile 
- package.json
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