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Template Name: Programme
*/ get_header(); the_post() ?>
<div class="row">
<?php get_sidebar('conferences') ?>
<div class="content">
<?php get_template_part('page', 'article') ?>
<ol class="schedule-list">
<?php foreach (get_posts('post_type=schedule&orderby=menu_order&order=ASC') as $post): setup_postdata($post); ?>
<li class="schedule-item schedule-day vevent">
<h2 class="schedule-item-title">
<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark">
<?php the_post_thumbnail('thumbnail', array('alt' => '')) ?>
<?php the_title() ?>
<div class="schedule-item-content"><?php the_excerpt() ?></div>
<?php endforeach ?>
<?php get_footer() ?>
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