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Packer Serverspec Provisioner


Verifies VM configuration with Serverspec running remotely on the build server


Install the binary (you'll need git and go):

$ go get

Copy the plugin into packer.d directory:

$ mkdir $HOME/.packer.d/plugins
$ cp $GOPATH/bin/packer-provisioner-serverspec $HOME/.packer.d/plugins


Add the provisioner to your packer template:

  "variables": {
    "version":  "0.0.1",
    "box_name": "my-cool-project"
  "builders": [ ... ],
  "provisioners": [{
    "type": "serverspec",
    "rake_file": "Rakefile",
    "rake_task": "serverspec:all",
    "rake_env_vars": "$BUNDLE_GEMFILE=Gemfile"

The connection to the builder is facilitated via a local SSH proxy. The integration requires that your spec_helper minimally exposes the following parameters:

require 'serverspec'
require 'net/ssh'

options = Net::SSH::Config.for(host, [])
options[:user] = ENV['TARGET_USER']
options[:keys] = ENV['TARGET_KEY']
options[:host_name] = ENV['TARGET_HOST']
options[:port] = ENV['TARGET_PORT']
options[:paranoid] = false unless ENV['SERVERSPEC_HOST_KEY_CHECKING'] =~ (/^(true|t|yes|y|1)$/i)

set :host,         options[:host_name]
set :ssh_options,  options
set :backend,      :ssh
set :display_sudo, true
set :request_pty,  true


All configuration properties are required, except where noted.


The relative path to the Rakefile to be utilized.


Rake task to be executed.

command (optional)

Command to be used to execute Serverspec. Defaults to rake.

** Note: bundle exec will not work if passed into the command parameter. If you want to achieve the same context isolation, add require 'bundler/setup' to your Rakefile and pass $BUNDLE_GEMFILE to the rake_env_vars parameter as illustrated in the example above.

user (optional)

SSH user to be used to connect to the SSH server on the host machine to forward commands to the target machine.

local_port (optional)

A system-chosen port is used when local_port is missing or empty.

ssh_host_key_file (optional)

(string) - The SSH key that will be used to run the SSH server on the host machine to forward commands to the target machine. Serverspec connects to this server and will validate the identity of the server using the system known_hosts. The default behavior is to generate and use a onetime key. Host key checking is disabled if the key is generated.

ssh_authorized_key_file (optional)

(string) - The SSH public key of the Serverspec ssh_user. The default behavior is to generate and use a onetime key. If this key is generated, the corresponding private key is passed to Serverspec with the TARGET_KEY environment variable.

sftp_command (optional)

(string) - The command to run on the machine being provisioned by Packer to handle the SFTP protocol that the plug-in will use to transfer files. The command should read and write on stdin and stdout, respectively. Defaults to /usr/lib/sftp-server -e.