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REDMAX: Efficient & Flexible Approach for Articulated Dynamics
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REDMAX: Efficient & Flexible Approach for Articulated Dynamics

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 38 (4) 104:1-104:10 (SIGGRAPH), 2019.

Ying Wang, Nicholas J. Weidner, Margaret A. Baxter, Yura Hwang, Danny M. Kaufman, Shinjiro Sueda

  • c++: C++ implementation including Projected Block Jacobi Preconditioner
  • matlab-simple: Simpler object-oriented MATLAB implementation for getting started
  • matlab: Object-oriented MATLAB implementation with many features, including:
    • Recursive hybrid dynamics (Featherstone's algorithm) for comparison
    • Time integration using ode45 or euler
    • Frictional dynamics with Bilateral Staggered Projections
    • Spline curve and surface joints [Lee and Terzopoulos 2008]
  • notes.pdf: An extensive writeup with details on maximal and reduced coordinates. The sample code is in matlab-simple.
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