An ASCII-art motorcycle racing game for the Commodore Pet^W^W^Wmodern web browsers
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An ASCII-art motorcycle racing game for the Commodore Pet modern web browsers written in BASIC Coffeescript.

A recent playable version can be found at


  1. Install node.js, coffeescript and GNU make.
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Type 'make'.
  4. Copy *.js and index.html to your web server.

To do:

  1. Speed mechanics need to be tuned.
  2. Could probably benefit from some variant of the engine heat mechanic.
  3. Motorcycle should be able to transform into power armor in order to fight ASCII Invid.
  4. Needs a scoreboard; could probably fit it all in a cookie.


I got the idea for this by pestering Josh Millard for it.