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A website to make ASCII-art cows say things. See it here.


Up until now, making ASCII-art cows say things has required a certain amount of technological skill. One had to be proficient with the command-line and the Perl package manager.

But no more. With and a web browser, all of your ASCII-cow-related needs will be met. (Note: assumes reasonable ASCII-cow needs; cows will not cure diseases or speak prophecy unless said prophecy was typed into the input box.)


  • Supports dialogues between multiple cows.
  • Nifty text-terminal look and feel.
  • Shareable links; share your cow conversations with friends and acquaintances.
  • Completely client-side; all of your information stays on your browser.
  • Free and open-source under the MIT license.

Contributors is the work of Chris Reuter. It was inspired by Tony Monroe's cowsay which also provided the ASCII-art cow.