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Campaigns Scheduler Pagination now works #144

wants to merge 1 commit into from

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I needed to fix that in a 554 installation and so I found the missing quote :-)

jmertic commented Feb 1, 2013

Hi Paul!

Thanks for your code contribution. Definitely would like to pull this code fix in, but I need two things from you to do this..

Thanks again!

jmertic commented Feb 28, 2013

Hi Paul!

Wanted to check back if you could get a bug and contribution agreement done for this pull request. We cannot pull in the fix without one.


John Mertic
Sugar Community Manager

Sugared commented Apr 5, 2013

Hi Paul, just reaching out again. As John already mentioned, we want to pull this code fix in, but we need two things from you:

  1. A bug entered into our bug portal ( ) with reproduce instructions for our QA team to track the issue
  2. A signed contribution agreement ( ) which you can scan, sign, and email back to either john at or me at eddy at sugarcrm dot com
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