Stop auto refresh if the UI sets to -1 and min default is set in config #155

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If you configure a dashlet to auto refresh, but then turn off auto refreshing AND the "dashlet_auto_refresh_min" option is set in the config, the dashet will be refreshed based on the dashlet_auto_refresh_min setting.

jmertic commented Mar 11, 2013


Thanks for the code contribution; we definitely appreciate the code fixes that come from our community. I want to get this fix pulled in, but need two things from you in order to do this...

Thanks again, and look forward to hearing back from you to pull in the fix.

John Mertic
SugarCRM Community Manager


Hi John

Bug raised #61900 and I've just emailed you the agreement.

jmertic commented Mar 11, 2013

Haven't got the email yet, please resend to

Sugared commented Apr 29, 2013

Hi benmatselby,

thanks for the contribution! I was looking to pull your fix in but it looks like another merge for a previous bug in the upcoming 6.5.13 release has resolved the refresh issue already. Thanks again for your efforts.


@Sugared Sugared closed this Apr 29, 2013
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