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How Can I Help?

Table Of Contents

  1. Prepare
  2. Coding/Documentation/Quality Assurance
  3. Design
  4. Marketing/Outreach
  5. Important Links
  6. I'm Stuck!


Before contributing to Sugar Labs, you should use Sugarizer or Sugar Desktop.


Your Equipment Your Operating System Recommendations
You have a computer Linux, Windows or macOS Install the Sugarizer package for your operating system.
You have a tablet or phone Android Install the Sugarizer app from Google Play.
You have a tablet or phone iOS Install the Sugarizer app from the App Store.
You have just a browser Any Test Sugarizer on the Sugarizer web site.

Sugar Desktop

Your Equipment Your Operating System Recommendations
You have only one computer and don't want to erase it Linux, Windows, macOS, or iOS Install virtualisation software, make a new virtual machine and install Sugar Live Build, Sugar on a Stick, Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian.
You have only one computer and don't want to erase it Linux Install Sugar packages from your distribution, see Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian. For other distributions, contact your distribution community.
You have another computer that can be erased Doesn't matter Install Sugar Live Build, Sugar on a Stick, Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian.

Coding, Documentation and Quality Assurance

Coding, documentation and quality assurance is important - it is required everywhere from producing new software, rolling out new features, maintaining and upgrading current releases, distributing instructions for others to know how to operate the software, and ensuring that others can use software without any problem.

  • We have mentoring opportunities through our participation in programs such as Outreachy, Google Summer Of Code, and Google Code-In.
  • Another way you can contribute to Sugar Labs is the Release Engineer's Feature Tracking page. These are features proposed and implemented by other Sugar Labs community contributors. The progress of the feature is also indicated in the page - please contribute to tasks which are "In Progress".
  • You can test Sugar and Activities and familiarise yourself with Sugar, making a note of where your expectation is betrayed by your observations, then seek feedback from others to learn if your expectation was right, and post inconsistencies to the corresponding GitHub repository issues page, Wiki, or mailing list,
  • You can go to a specific GitHub repository and work on the bugs in the source code. Choose the "Issues" tabs and work through the various issues listed in it. The main Sugar Labs GitHub Repositories are listed in the "Important Sugar Labs Links".
  • You can write documentation, see the Wiki, the Help Activity which is kept in the Help repository, and this developer documentation.
  • You can update web sites, see which is kept in the www-sugarlabs repository.
  • You can choose to write your own desktop activity or write your own web activity.
  • You can port activities which are in GTK+ 2 to GTK+ 3, using the guide.
  • You can port activities which are in Python 2 to Python 3, using the guide.
  • You can test code coverage of activities, using the guide.


Design is also crucial to Sugar Labs - it is where new ideas and initiatives are formed into proper reports which can be worked on. You can either contribute a new design proposal or implement an existing one in the Design Team User Experience Proposals wiki page.


You can help to increase the number of Sugar Labs users through -

  • Write translations, see Translation Team and, thereby the user experience of users speaking other languages.
  • Publish blogs and detail your experience using Sugar Labs software, introducing more people to use Sugar Labs software.
  • Design and execute lesson plans to introduce more children and youth to Sugar Labs, either in schools, outside school or in an informal setting.

Important Sugar Labs Links

The links listed below are of important Sugar Labs code repositories, wiki and website. Some of the code repositories are based under the Sugar Labs GitHub Organisation, while others are not.

Github Organisation Page

GitHub Repositories Under Sugar Labs

GitHub Repositories Not Under Sugar Labs

Other Relevant Links

I'm Stuck!

Well, don't worry; there are real people here who will try to help you. Some ways to get in touch with real people are:

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