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Sugar was designed as a session manager started by a display manager, providing a graphical command shell and full-screen window manager. This is how Sugar is deployed on children's laptops and desktop computers. Examples are OLPC OS, Fedora SoaS, and Debian SugarBlend.

Sugar Runner

Sugar Runner is for running Sugar as an application inside a desktop environment. It provides a desktop menu item and icon.

You can run it from a text console or from inside another X session. By default it runs in fullscreen but you can specify the window size using the --resolution option.


Sugar Runner should not be used with naive learners, as they may escape from Sugar and do harm to the outer system.

Sugar Runner should not be used by testers, as the testing will miss critical aspects of the session interaction, such as shutdown and restart.

How It Works

  • unsets variables inherited from the existing session,
  • substitutes an alternate home directory for XDG data,
  • turns off the Sugar shutdown and restart options,
  • forks Xvfb with Xephyr.