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Total Precipitation Gauge


A python module for interacting with the Sutron Total Precipitation Gauge (TPG). The tpgtochords module is provided, which will send tpg readings and other system health metrics to a CHORDS portal.

The TPG onboard logger is configured and controlled by commands sent via the RS-232 port.

The configuration is establisehd by setting TPG variables. sets a few of these at startup, to insure that the gauge measurement behavior is always consistent. It uses a default set of values, but these may be overriden by values in the configuration:

TPG variable default config key
Station Name n/a station_name
Automeasure Interval 00:01:00 auto_time
Automeasure Time 00:00:00 auto_interval
Averaging Time 1.0 avg_time
Auto Output 0

TPG readings are obtained by sending commands to the gauge, and parsing the returned output. The two key commands are MEAS (perform a measurement) and TIME (return the system time).

RS-232 Interaction

The TPG prompts with > after any command. The typical interaction will be to send a command, and read back lines until one containing just > is received.

Since the line with the prompt does not have a line terminator, the readline() will be issued with a timeout, so that the prompt line can be detected.

The text returned from the TPG is 'pretty formatted', and has to dig through all of it to extract the desired values. This is not really too hard; the approach will be to create a list of tokens, search for matching tupples such as ("Precip", "0.0018") or ("System", "time", "2017/12/28", "22:45:33"), and capture the desired readings.

TPG Commands

These are the TPG commands used by, and the associated output.

        Precip 0.0018 in

        Precip in bucket 0.6648 in
        Field Cal Offset -0.6630057 ,   Precip Rate 0.0038 in/hour

Temp In Box 21.62 C

System time 2017/12/28 22:45:33
Battery 11.8V



This module matches a custom data system buit around a Raspberry Pi Zero W, which performs the following:

  • Once per minute:
    • Read the TPG measurement.
    • Read pressure, temperature and humidity from a BME280 sensor.
    • Read power information from an INA_219 sensor.
    • Transmit to CHORDS.


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