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Wave Steganographer

A steganographer hides a small file within a large file


  • This program encodes a file of any type into an audio wave file
  • I wrote it back in 2014.
  • Challenges at the time included: researching the .wav format, reading the header portion of the file to get file attributes and doing bit-wise operations to get at the hidden data

How it works

  • A typical wave file is large, 2 or 3 bytes times 44,100 samples per second of audio.
  • If you replace the least significant bit of each sample with some arbitrary 1 or 0, it has little effect on the audio quality
  • You can iterate the bits of the file you want to hide and replace the LSB of the wave file with those bits.
  • The only constraint is that the hidden file must be around 1/16 the size of the wave file.

Class Diagrams etc.

  • Find the project report from 2014 in the WaveSteg/parasites folder: Project2_WriteUp.pdf
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