iOS ZBarSDK problem with ARC enabled application
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Common Source

ZBarSDK with ARC enabled application crash! source of crash and avoiding crash.


ZBarSDK 1.3.1 linked with ARC enabled application cause over release (reference count -1) in ZBarReaderViewImpl_Simulator.m: - (void)onStopVideo as screenshot.


How to see the problem

  1. Download xcode project
  2. Choose Scheme "ZBarDebugArc>iPhone 5.1 Simulator"
  3. Execute Xcode menu "Product>Profile" to run on Instruments
  4. Select "Zombie" on Instruments startup dialog then click Profile button
  5. Application start on Simulator titled "ZBarDebug ARC" and 4 disclosure rows
  6. Click "Sample 3", ZBarReaderView will appear (do nothing)
  7. Click back button on Navigation bar
  8. Milliseconds later, "Zombie Messaged" wil happen

The Source of Problem

ARC application may release object much earlier than Non-ARC application. On my case the source of problem may be:

ZBarReaderViewImpl_Simulator.m: line 134-144 
    134: - (void) stop 
    135: { 
    136:     if(!started) 
    137:         return; 
    138:     [super stop]; 
    139:     running = NO; 
    141:     [self performSelector: @selector(onVideoStop) 
    142:                withObject: nil 
    143:                afterDelay: 0.5]; 
    144: } 

After 0.5 delay, the ViewController has already been released in ARC application.

May the other lines use afterDelay cause crash ? Why Non-ARC application never crash ? I don't know the reason why the selector must be delayed, but it may keep ARC application away from ZBarSDK.

Avoid the problem

Keep viewController which manage the view including ZBarReaderView in some where after disposing the view. My code is ZBarViewController.m line 152.

Or set nil to ZBarReaderView readerDelegate when the viewController become unretained. My code is Sample5ViewController.m line 172.

ZBarSDK & Tools

  • ZBarSDK 1.3.1
  • MacOS X 10.6.8
  • Xcode 4.2 build 4C199


xcode project includes 5 ZBar samples

  • Sample 1: use ZBarReaderViewController, runs fine on both ARC and non-ARC
  • Sample 2: embedded ZBarReaderView in xib with some other parts, crash on ARC
  • Sample 3: ONLY ZBarReaderView in xib, crash on ARC
  • Sample 4: Sample 2 class and xib but keep viewController, NOT crash on ARC
  • Sample 5: set nil to readerDelegate when the viewController become unretained, NOT crash under ARC

Project Targets

  1. ZBarDebugNoARC -- application without ARC, runs fine!

    • Build Settings
      • Apple LLVM Compiler 3.0 - Language
        • Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting NO
      • Apple LLVM Compiler 3.0 - Preprocessing
        • NOARC=1
  2. ZBarDebugARC -- application with ARC, Sample 2&3 will crash

    • Build Settings
      • Apple LLVM Compiler 3.0 - Language
        • Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting YES