nodejs session store that uses db-mysql
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MySQL Session Store for Connect and Express

This session store makes use of the db-mysql package. It will create a table called '_mysql_session_store' in your database and store the sessions there.


		npm install mysql-session-store
		var MySQLSessionStore = require ("mysql-session-store");
		new MySQLSessionStore(connect, options);

The options are passed to db-mysql for connection creation. Please refer to their docs for these. There is a cleanup process that runs every minute to remove old sessions. This can be changed to a more suitable type by using the *checkUpInterval* option - it's in milliseconds. Set it to -1 to not remove old sessions.



		var express = require("express"),
			app = express.createServer(),
			MySQLSessionStore = require ("mysql-session-store");

			store: new MySQLSessionStore(express, {
				user: '<database username>',
				password: '<database password>',
				database: '<database name>',
				hostname: '<server hostname>'
			secret: '<secret cookie>',
			cookie: { maxAge: 4 * 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 } // 4 weeks