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This is a lightweight Java library for interfacing with the Sugestio recommendation service. It is compatible with Android 2.x. Data is submitted as POST variables.

About Sugestio

Sugestio is a scalable and fault tolerant service that now brings the power of web personalisation to all developers. The RESTful web service provides an easy to use interface and a set of developer libraries that enable you to enrich your content portals, e-commerce sites and mobile applications.

Access credentials and the Sandbox

To access the Sugestio service, you need only an account name. To run the examples from the tutorial, you can use the following credentials:

  • account name: sandbox

The Sandbox is a read-only account. You can use these credentials to experiment with the service. The Sandbox can give personal recommendations for users 1 through 5, and similar items for items 1 through 5.

When you are ready to work with real data, you may apply for a developer account through the Sugestio website.

About this library

Important notice!

This library is intended to be used from a mobile device, e.g. an Android smart phone. Normally, requests to the recommendation service need to be signed with an OAuth key pair. This would imply exposing your OAuth credentials to every user of your mobile app, defeating the purpose of signing requests. In order to use this library, security on your account would have to be lifted. Contact us for more information.


The following API features are implemented:

  • get personalized recommendations for a given user
  • get items that are similar to a given item
  • submit user activity (consumptions): clicks, purchases, ratings, ...
  • submit item metadata: description, location, tags, categories, ...
  • submit user metadata: gender, location, birthday, ...


The library uses google-gson to convert JSON to Java objects and vice-versa. HttpClient 4 is used to perform unsigned HTTP requests. The Android 2.x platform already includes HttpClient 4.

Quick start

SugestioClient client = new SugestioClient("sandbox");
Consumption consumption = new Consumption();

SugestioResult result = client.addConsumption(consumption);	

See src/example/ for more sample code.