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This is a Python library for interfacing with the Sugestio recommendation service. Data is submitted and retrieved in JSON format. The library uses python-oauth2 to create the OAuth-signed requests.

About Sugestio

Sugestio is a scalable and fault tolerant service that now brings the power of web personalisation to all developers. The RESTful web service provides an easy to use interface and a set of developer libraries that enable you to enrich your content portals, e-commerce sites and other content based websites.

Access credentials and the Sandbox

To access the Sugestio service, you need an account name and a secret key. To run the examples from the tutorial, you can use the following credentials:

  • account name: sandbox
  • secret key: demo

The Sandbox is a read-only account. You can use these credentials to experiment with the service. The Sandbox can give personal recommendations for users 1 through 5, and similar items for items 1 through 5.

When you are ready to work with real data, you may apply for a developer account through the Sugestio website.

About this library


The following API features are implemented:

  • get personalized recommendations for a given user
  • get items that are similar to a given item
  • submit and retrieve user activity (consumptions): clicks, purchases, ratings, ...
  • submit and retrieve item metadata: description, location, tags, categories, ...
  • submit and retrieve user metadata: gender, location, birthday, ...
  • bulk submission of consumptions and item/user metadata


This library is compatible with Python 2.7, 3.4 and 3.6. It requires python-oauth2 which in turn depends on httplib2. Installing python-oauth2 should automatically install the httplib2 dependency:

$ pip install oauth2

Or alternatively on Windows (may require an elevated command prompt):

> python.exe -m pip install oauth2

The use of virtualenvs is recommended.

Tutorial and sample code

Get top 5 personal recommendations for user with id 1:

import sugestio

ACCOUNT = 'sandbox'
SECRET = 'demo'

client = sugestio.Client(ACCOUNT, SECRET)

status, content = client.get_recommendations(1, 5)

if status == 200:
    for recommendation in content:
        print(recommendation.item.title + "\t" + str(recommendation.score))
    print("server response code:", status) contains more sample code that illustrates how you can use the library.


A Python library for communicating with the Sugestio recommendation service.







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