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This is a Ruby library for interfacing with the Sugestio recommendation service. Data is submitted as JSON.

About Sugestio

Sugestio is a scalable and fault tolerant service that now brings the power of web personalisation to all developers. The RESTful web service provides an easy to use interface and a set of developer libraries that enable you to enrich your content portals, e-commerce sites and other content based websites.

Access credentials and the Sandbox

To access the Sugestio service, you need an account name and a secret key. To run the examples from the tutorial, you can use the following credentials:

  • account name: sandbox

  • secret key: demo

The Sandbox is a read-only account. You can use these credentials to experiment with the service. The Sandbox can give personal recommendations for users 1 through 5, and similar items for items 1 through 5.

When you are ready to work with real data, you may apply for a developer account through the Sugestio website.

About this library


The following API features are implemented:

  • get personalized recommendations for a given user

  • get items that are similar to a given item

  • get users that are similar to a given user

  • (bulk) submit user activity (consumptions): clicks, purchases, ratings, …

  • (bulk) submit item metadata: description, location, tags, categories, …

  • (bulk) submit user metadata: gender, location, birthday, …

  • delete consumptions

  • delete item metadata

  • delete user metadata

  • get performance data (analytics): precision, recall, …



Written by Martin May ( Portions inspired by (

Copyright © 2010 Martin May. See LICENSE for details.


Getting personal recommendations

require 'sugestio'  
client ='sandbox', 'demo')

result = client.get_recommendations(user_id)

result.each { |recommendation|
  print "Item #{recommendation['itemid']}, score #{recommendation['score']}\n"

Submitting consumption data

require 'sugestio'
client ='sandbox', 'demo')

consumption = {:userid=>'A', :itemid=>'X', :type=>'VIEW'}

Submitting item metadata

require 'sugestio'
client ='sandbox', 'demo')

item = {:id=>123, :title=>"Product 123", :"category"=>['A', 'B']}

Bulk submissions

require 'sugestio'
client ='sandbox', 'demo')

item1 = {:id=>1, :title=>"Product 1", :"category"=>['A', 'B']}
item2 = {:id=>2, :title=>"Product 2", :"category"=>['C', 'D']}
client.add_item([item1, item2])