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btr-backup - backup script on btrfs

btr-backup is a simple script to backup files on btrfs with rsync. btrfs is really usefull for incremental backup with its features cow, snapshot and compression.


  • Backup host

    • btrfs v2.6.32 above

    • "btrfs" command (from 2010-01-24 on git)

    • rsync

    • ruby (for btr-backup-clean)

    • (ssh for remote backup)

  • Backup target

    • rsync

    • (sshd or rsyncd)


btr-backup <target_dir> [--rsync_options]

directory name or rsync style remote host. (e.g. /etc, remote:/var)


all arguments after target_dir will passed to rsync. (e.g. -x --exclude=/var/log)


btr-backup create backup to /backup/TARGET_HOST/TARGET_DIR. Backup steps are;

  1. (create subvolume on /backup/TARGET_HOST/TARGET_DIR/cur)

  2. run rsync to copy files to /backup/TARGET_HOST/TARGET_DIR/cur

  3. snapshot from cur to YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS

And backup process is logged into /var/log/btr-backup/.


Simple one. That backups /etc to /backup/myhost/etc/;

btr-backup /etc

Backup root filesystem of remote host mygw with transfer compression;

btr-backup mygw:/ -xz

Backup /var without /var/cache/* and /var/tmp/*;

btr-backup /var --exclude="/cache/*" --exclude="/tmp/*"

Cleanup backup

By Hand

You can delete backup directory with "btrfs subvolume delete", like;

 btrfs subvolume delete /backup/yourhost/ROOT/2010-03-10T00:00:00

Expire old backup automatically

Use "btr-backup-clean" to clenup old backup automatically.

 btr-backup-clean /backup/*/*

This is cleanup all backups in default keep limit (keep 2 yearly, 6 monthly, 6 weekly and 7 daily backups).

To sure witch directories will be keeped or deleted, run with --no-act and --verbose option.

 btr-backup-clean --no-act --verbose /backup/*/*

To change expire limit, add --keep option. For example 1 monthly, 3 weekly and 7 daily backups;

 btr-backup-clean --keep 0Y1M3W7D /backup/*/*

And you can change limit for each host by tuning argument path;

 btr-backup-clean --keep 0Y1M3W7D /backup/hostshort/*
 btr-backup-clean --keep 0Y0M0W365D /backup/hostdaily/*


  • If you need to add ssh options, you can use RSYNC_RSH environment variable or -e option.

  • ionice is usefull to reduce backup priority.

    • For remote host, use rsync option like; --rsync-path="ionice -c3 rsync"



GPL v2 or later


© 2010 Tatsuki Sugiura <>