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SugoiJS Framework Demo


SugoiJS is a minimal modular framework,

which gives you the ability to use only what you need, fast.

For setting new environment check out the wiki - Get started

Getting started

  1. git clone
  2. cd demo/server
  3. npm install
  4. npm run build OR npm run dev (live recompile)
  5. node dist/server.js
  6. Go to http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

What we got inside?

  1. 3 modules -

    CoreModule - This module use for setting core logic of our server

    IndexModule - This module demonstrate usage of socket with SocketHandlerService and handling Mongo resource named DummyDataModel using MongoModel.

    PostsModule - PostsModule - This module demonstrate handling resource named posts using ModelAbstract (PostModel) and come the demonstrate a "microservice" usage (module can easily export to another server).

  2. 2 controllers

    • /index - 2 paths guarded by policy and 1 unguarded:

      authorized access required - use header x-sug-demo with value set to "Wyn1RRR9PQJPaqYM"

      • GET /api/index/data/:id - get DummyData record

        schema - {id:string//with regex "([a-z])+"}

      • POST /api/index/data - create new DummyData record

        schema - {amount:number//>=2}

      • PUT /api/index/data/:id - update existing DummyData record

        schema - {amount:number//>=2}

      • DELETE /api/index/data/:id - remove existing DummyData record

      • GET /api/index/changeColor - update background color for all connected clients (using sockets)

    • /post - 4 unguarded paths:

      • GET /api/post/:id? - get all of the posts or by id (id is optional param)

      • POST /api/post - create new post.

      • PUT /api/post/:id - update existing post.

      • DELETE /api/post/:id - remove existing post.

  3. 1 Service:

    • SocketHandlerService which handle the socket events
  4. 1 Authorization class:

    • Authorization - extends AuthProvider and apply the checks of @Authorized decorator

File structure

  • client - directory for our client project

  • assets - client project compiled & minified code

  • common - generic files which used for both client & server

  • server - directory for our server project

    -- config - webpack configs

    -- dist - compiled code

    -- src - application directory

    -- config - services, paths and generic configs

    -- core - Application generic classes, interface, utils etc.

    -- modules - All of our application modules, each module should be handle as separate unit for code sharing or export to micro-service. Application bootstrap


You can find further information on Sugoi official website


Starter project for SugoiJS framework - contains Server, ORM, mongoDB and sockets



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