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;; Also know as the "wish list". Some are done. For the others, no
;; promise when to be implemented.
* Use a new custom type (`define-widget') for posting-style in `gnus-cus.el'
(G c) and for `gnus-posting-styles'. Maybe some allowed types are still
* Add proper doc strings to functions and variables explained in the manual
(info "(gnus)Gnus Utility Functions")
* Add Message-IDs or URLs refering to relevant discussions on lists and
* Use nicer tool bar icons from GNOME
Done for Emacs (The GNOME icons won't fit into standard XEmacs icons,
IMHO. -- rsteib) in group, summary and message mode.
Some modes might also deserve improved tool bars:
- gnus-draft-mode
- mml-preview buffer:
. zap most buttons; except print, customize (?) and help
. "exit" should just kill the buffer
- gnus-server-mode: Add some commands from the Connections and Server
- gnus-browse-mode (could borrow some icons from gnus-group-mode)
* Maybe Gnus should support the LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS, see RFC 2980.
* Merge `message-extra-wide-headers' and ` message-header-synonyms'?
* Maybe texi/emacs-mime.texi could be divided into user-visible stuff and
reference manual for the MIME library.
Related: Bill Wohler's article on mh-e-user.
* Fix `change servers' command, see David Kastrup's message.
* texi/gnus-coding.texi should be fixed.
* gnus-topic-kill-region
From Colin Marquardt <>
I noticed that when re-arranging topics, C-k yanks a topic just fine
(runs gnus-topic-kill-group).
However, my habit is to do marking and the yanking the region, so I
would run C-w on the marked topic. But C-w runs
gnus-group-kill-region and doesn't yank the topic (for groups it
works fine).
So could we have a gnus-topic-kill-region, or a
gnus-group-kill-region which handles topics as well?
* Speed up sorting in summary buffer if there is a limit.
Suggested by Daniel Ortmann <>.
* Investigate the memory usage of Gnus.
But it does seem strange that Gnus would use some 15meg for this. I
think that is worth investigating. I suspect that bugs or bad
design are causing waste; they could be in Gnus, or in Emacs. -- RMS
* Google group digest
The result of Google group search return a thread. Is it a digest
* NOV caching.
Implement NOV caching with Gnus Agent.
* Allow specification of server in Newsgroups header
[Kai wrote]
WIBNI I could put `Newsgroups: nntp+quimby:bla' into a message and
Gnus would know to post this message on my server `nntp:quimby' into
the group bla? I think this would be way cool.
But Gnus would have to rewrite the Newsgroups header before actually
sending the posting.
Thanks for Micha Wiedenmann for this suggestion.
* Parsing of the subscription notice to stash away details like what
address you're subscribed to the list under (and automatically send
mail to the list using that address, when you send mail inside the list
group), what address to mail to unsubscribe, and the list info message
if available. Hitting the "get FAQ" command inside a mailing list
group should display that stashed copy of the info message.
* Some help in coming up with good split rules for mailing lists, as
automated as possible. Splitting on To and Cc is almost always not
what I want, since it can misfile messages and since if I'm cc'd on
list mail I want to get both copies, one in my personal mailbox and one
in the list mailbox. I know other people handle it other ways, but I
prefer it that way. Accordingly, some way to semi-automatically
generate split rules based on Sender, Mailing-List, Return-Path,
X-Loop, and all of the other random headers that often work would be
very cool.
* Agent:
* A better interface to the agent download scoring rules, like the one
for the other scoring rules.
* Editing of messages in the agents cache.
* Support for encrypted folders. Even if the mail arrives unencrypted
Gnus should be able to encrypt the *folder* for added safety. This
should go for both Gnus' own folders and the folders Gnus reads from
(e.g. /var/spool/mail/${USER}). All backends this makes sense for.
[John Wiegley's article <>,
posted on gnu.emacs.gnus does this.
Also, gnus-article-encrypt `K E' encrypts the article body.]
* Splitting .newsrc.eld so the history is in one file and the
configuration is in another. To help those that reads at two
locations (e.g. work and home) and want to have the same
* Additional article marking, and an ability to affect marks placed
during e.g. mail acquisition. I want to be able to notice the
subject "fast money" or "web traffic", automatically mark it with a
`$', and score it into oblivion. (But I fear that wanting to change
marks with mail-source-* and nnmail-* functions will represent a
philosophical conflict with the rest of Gnus' management of article
marks. mail-source-* and nnmail-* currently hack around with files
under ~/Mail and leave traces in ~/Mail/active, but don't affect
things stored in .newsrc.eld.)
* A much better interface to nnmail-split-methods. I don't know how
I'd like this done, but I know that the current method of manually
hacking regexps is pretty untenable for new users. My boss, who is
tenured faculty at CMU and CEO & CTO at JPRC, and whose research
work has involved Lisp for the last 25 years, is trying to implant
himself in a Gnus mail environment, and this is a big sticking point
even for him.
* PGP-supported encryption of entire nnml & nnmh groups. There are
people with whom I exchange mail routinely who don't send w/PGP, but
I'd really rather that the content not be left lying around
unencrypted. Hook into article acquisition the way jka-compr
supposedly does, to auto-decrypt every message read.
[See Support for encrypted folders.]
* Baby's First Mail In Gnus. Some set of functions that the
new-to-mail-in-Gnus user can invoke which will query the user
appropriately for the basic information required to establish mail
handling, leaving the appropriate traces in .gnus. Perhaps a
customize buffer would be appropriate.
- Where does your mail come from?
- If some server, what is your POP/IMAP protocol identity?
- What is your identity when sending mail, as opposed to posting to
- Here are some basic concepts of mail groups (list a few:
personal mail, company-wide mail, mailing lists, garbage dumps,
receptacles for outbound copies of what one sends; which ones do
you want to instantiate, and what mail should land in each?
[/viz./ problem of nnmail-split-methods interface.]
[Probably `assistant.el' will provide this. But it's development is
* Manual ordering of articles in an nnml folder.
That is, keystrokes to move articles (or whole threads) up or down
in the *Summary* buffer relative to the other articles. The order
would be persistent (e.g., across gnus sessions).
With this ability, an nnml folder would make for a good to-do list.
* Since many uses Gnus to store to do lists I think it is time for an
nntodo. (I know Kai already written one, maybe use that for a start?)
* nnsql backend, which would allow messages or folders to be imported
in a local (My|Postgre|?)SQL RDBMS.
* "posting profiles" ideally accessible from a popup menu; allowing
choice between predefined profiles of
from,name,organization,etc. Example: I'm at home, but need to reply
to a work mail; i can hit 'R', then use this command to switch to my
'work' profile for purposes of this one reply. (This might already
be possible with current Gnus, but I don't think so.)
* Better handling of the mail retrieving / splitting feature:
- the variables <backend>-get-new-mail should not exist anymore. Mail
retrieving should be a separate matter.
- we should be able to split mails to groups AND backends at the same time.
- meanwhile, we should still be able to associate certain mail sources with
certain backends.
* More article marks (like '!' or '?').
Maybe user defined marks that can be displayed as any choosen charakter,
so one could do things like limiting on, to do whatever one likes with
these articles.
* Allow article editing in groups which do not support it, but
emulating it via deleting the old article and entering the new one
into the group. This would be very useful to support `T ^' (say) in
nnimap groups.
* Allow user to specify which kinds of groups should be displayed.
For example, I want to display all the groups that are displayed
now, plus those which have cached messages in them. (Gnus does
display those with ticked messages but not those with
cached-but-unticked ones.) This would become even more important
when we allow labels.
* Create new data type `article identifier' and use that instead of
article numbers. A first implementation could offer something like
(num . 4711) but this could be extended. This would be useful for
using servers with *really* large numbers -- there we could have a
bignum type. It might also be useful for the nnweb and nnultimate
thingies where article identifiers are not really numbers.
* Allow use of digests to keep related articles. Normally, you use
groups to group together articles which are thematically related.
But sometimes, you have so many themes that this becomes
impractical. WIBNI I could have digests in a group, and there was a
way to add a new article to one of the digests in that group?
Or maybe what I really want is a way to tell Gnus that a specific
thread should always be hidden (as in `T h') by default, while most
other threads are not hidden by default. Hm.
* New backend nnbabylfolder. There is also nnbabyl which is like
nnmbox but uses babyl format, but there is no babyl format
equivalent of nnfolder.
* Make movement commands in summary buffer independent of `move after
mark' behavior when marking articles. Currently, if you don't want
`E' to move to the next unread article, you have to set
gnus-summary-goto-unread to nil, and then there is no way to move to
the next or previous unread article.
This one has two sub-tasks. Providing the commands is one thing,
finding out useful key bindings for them is another. I think we
could provide the commands first while not changing the behavior of
the key bindings; then different people can experiment with
different key binding schemes until we find something which suits
many people.
* `Move to next/previous/first article' is a misnomer, since ticked
articles are also unread but not moved to by these commands. Should
the terminology be fixed or the documentation, or what?
* Allow sorting of threads by newest article rather than by root of
thread. Consider the following thread structure:
root1 Jan 1
leaf1 Jan 4
root2 Jan 2
leaf2 Jan 3
These two threads are sorted this way because root1 is older than
root2. I want an option to sort them the other way round because
leaf1 is newer than leaf2.
* Improve editing of MIME messages. I would like to use html-mode to
edit the body of a text/html message, and enriched-mode for
text/enriched messages, and so on. This should go for multipart
messages as well. This is probably a hard one since Emacs currently
does not allow several major modes per buffer. But maybe it would
be nice to hack Emacs to provide this infrastructure so that Gnus
can make use of it? This would also make it possible to provide
nifty commands for editing the headers, for example, rather than
relying on commands which do the same thing everywhere.
message-x.el is really just a half-assed attempt at doing it, and
while it is useful, that's not the way it should be done.
I think Francisco Potort,Al(B already did something like this?
* Provide commands for editing MML tags. For example, there could be
a command mml-add-tag-attribute which prompts me for an attribute
name (with completion, from the set filename, type, ...), and then
for a value. (This is like `C-c +' in psgml.) Or there could be a
command which showed me all the attributes in an MML tag and allows
me to use TAB to move between them, and then to edit each attribute
value. (This is like `C-c C-a' in psgml.)
* Have Gnus automagically set group parameters for mailing list
groups. For example, if I have a splitting rule that automatically
sorts into mail.ding, then Gnus should clue in, set
the to-list parameter to '', and set total-expire.
(This is probably Hard (TM). And of course the user should be able
to configure what parameters exactly get set.)
* Along the same lines, automagically detect broken reply-to's. (But
don't auto-detect users legitimately setting a reply-to header that
points back to the list.)
* Make it easier to change parameters on a set of groups,
e.g. set/clear gcc-self on process-marked groups.
* Make it easier/possible to migrate between primary select-methods,
if that concept is going to be kept. Right now I have only one
group on my primary server, and I'd kind of like to change from nntp
to nnml, but apparently this doesn't work well.
* Make it possible to refer to uniquely-named groups without
select-method prefix (e.g. mail.misc instead of nnml:mail.misc).
* Annotations as discussed last autumn. Be able to make comments to
articles for all backends. The comments maybe should go into a
seperate "backend", like nndraft.
* Catchup on a topic and all its subtopics. I.e. do "c y" when on a
topic line in *Group*.
* Better/more advanced subject washing in *Summary*, see my
js-gnus-simplify-subject-function I posted earlier this winter.
;; From Newest Features node. Some are not done.
* I would like the zombie-page to contain an URL to the source of the
latest version of gnus or some explanation on where to find it.
* A way to continue editing the latest Message composition.
* facep is not declared.
* Include a section in the manual on why the number of articles isn't
the same in the group buffer and on the SPC prompt.
* Interacting with rmail fcc isn't easy.
* Hypermail:
[w3 or nnwarchive?]
* `^-- ' is made into - in LaTeX.
* when expunging articles on low score, the sparse nodes keep
hanging on?
* starting the first time seems to hang Gnus on some systems. Does
NEWGROUPS answer too fast?
* nndir doesn't read gzipped files.
* when moving mail from a procmail spool to the crash-box, the
crash-box is only appropriate to one specific group.
* nnmh-be-safe means that crossposted articles will be marked as
* Orphan score entries don't show on "V t" score trace
* when clearing out data, the cache data should also be reset.
* rewrite gnus-summary-limit-children to be non-recursive to avoid
exceeding lisp nesting on huge groups.
* expunged articles are counted when computing scores.
* ticked articles aren't easy to read in pick mode - `n' and stuff
just skips past them. Read articles are the same.
* topics that contain just groups with ticked articles aren't
* nndoc should always allocate unique Message-IDs.
* If there are mail groups the first time you use Gnus, Gnus'll
make the mail groups killed.
* no "no news is good news" when using topics.
* when doing crosspost marking, the cache has to be consulted and
articles have to be removed.
* nnweb should fetch complete articles when they are split into
several parts.
* scoring on head immediate doesn't work.
* finding short score file names takes forever.
* canceling articles in foreign groups.
* nntp-open-rlogin no longer works.
* C-u C-x C-s (Summary) switches to the group buffer.
* move nnmail-split-history out to the backends.
* using a virtual server name as `gnus-select-method' doesn't work?
* when killing/yanking a group from one topic to another in a
slave, the master will yank it first to one topic and then add it
to another. Perhaps.
* warn user about `=' redirection of a group in the active file?
* take over the XEmacs menubar and offer a toggle between the XEmacs
bar and the Gnus bar.
* push active file and NOV file parsing down into C code.
`(canonize-message-id id)'
`(mail-parent-message-id references n)'
`(parse-news-nov-line &optional dependency-hashtb)'
`(parse-news-nov-region beg end &optional dependency-hashtb fullp)'
`(parse-news-active-region beg end hashtb)'
* nnml .overview directory with splits.
* asynchronous cache
* postponed commands.
* the selected article show have its Subject displayed in its
summary line.
* when entering groups, get the real number of unread articles from
the server?
* sort after gathering threads - make false roots have the headers
of the oldest orphan with a 0 article number?
* nndoc groups should inherit the score files of their parents?
Also inherit copy prompts and save files.
* command to start up Gnus (if not running) and enter a mail mode
* allow editing the group description from the group buffer for
backends that support that.
* gnus-hide,show-all-topics
* groups and sub-topics should be allowed to mingle inside each
topic, and not just list all subtopics at the end.
* a command to remove all read articles that are not needed to
connect threads - `gnus-summary-limit-to-sparse-unread'?
* a variable to turn off limiting/cutting of threads in the tree
* a variable to limit how many files are uudecoded.
* add zombie groups to a special "New Groups" topic.
* server mode command: close/open all connections
* put a file date in gnus-score-alist and check whether the file
has been changed before using it.
* on exit from a digest group, go to the next article in the parent
* hide (sub)threads with low score.
* when expiring, remove all marks from expired articles.
* gnus-summary-limit-to-body
* a regexp alist that says what level groups are to be subscribed
on. Eg. - `(("nnml:" . 1))'.
* allow newlines in <URL:> urls, but remove them before using the
* If there is no From line, the mail backends should fudge one from
the "From " line.
* fuzzy simplifying should strip all non-alpha-numerical info from
subject lines.
* nntp-ping-before-connect
* command to check whether NOV is evil. "list overview.fmt".
* when entering a group, Gnus should look through the score files
very early for `local' atoms and set those local variables.
* topics are always yanked before groups, and that's not good.
* (set-extent-property extent 'help-echo "String to display in
minibuf") to display help in the minibuffer on buttons under
* stop using invisible text properties and start using overlays
* go from one group to the next; everything is expunged; go to the
next group instead of going to the group buffer.
* gnus-renumber-cache - to renumber the cache using "low" numbers.
* record topic changes in the dribble buffer.
* `nnfolder-generate-active-file' should look at the folders it
finds and generate proper active ranges.
* nneething-look-in-files-for-article-heads variable to control
whether nneething should sniff all files in the directories.
* gnus-fetch-article - start Gnus, enter group, display article
* gnus-dont-move-articles-to-same-group variable when respooling.
* when messages are crossposted between several auto-expirable
groups, articles aren't properly marked as expirable.
* nneething should allow deletion/moving.
* TAB on the last button should go to the first button.
* if the car of an element in `mail-split-methods' is a function,
and the function returns non-nil, use that as the name of the
group(s) to save mail in.
* command for listing all score files that have been applied.
* a command in the article buffer to return to `summary' config.
* `gnus-always-post-using-current-server' - variable to override
`C-c C-c' when posting.
* nnmail-group-spool-alist - says where each group should use as a
spool file.
* when an article is crossposted to an auto-expirable group, the
article should be marker as expirable.
* article mode command/menu for "send region as URL to browser".
* on errors, jump to info nodes that explain the error. For
instance, on invalid From headers, or on error messages from the
nntp server.
* when gathering threads, make the article that has no "Re: " the
parent. Also consult Date headers.
* a token in splits to call shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer
* `1 0 A M' to do matches on the active hashtb.
* duplicates - command to remove Gnus-Warning header, use the read
Message-ID, delete the "original".
* when replying to several messages at once, put the "other"
message-ids into a See-Also header.
* support ProleText:
* generate font names dynamically.
* score file mode auto-alist.
* allow nndoc to change/add/delete things from documents. Implement
methods for each format for adding an article to the document.
* `gnus-fetch-old-headers' `all' value to incorporate absolutely
all headers there is.
* function like `|', but concatenate all marked articles and pipe
them to the process.
* cache the list of killed (or active) groups in a separate file.
Update the file whenever we read the active file or the list of
killed groups in the .eld file reaches a certain length.
* function for starting to edit a file to put into the current mail
* "ghettozie" - score on Xref header and nix it out after using it
to avoid marking as read in other groups it has been crossposted
* look at procmail splitting. The backends should create the
groups automatically if a spool file exists for that group.
* function for backends to register themselves with Gnus.
* when replying to several process-marked articles, have all the
From end up in Cc headers? Variable to toggle.
* command to delete a crossposted mail article from all groups it
has been mailed to.
* `B c' and `B m' should be crosspost aware.
* hide-pgp should also hide PGP public key blocks.
* Command in the group buffer to respool process-marked groups.
* `gnus-summary-find-matching' should accept pseudo-"headers" like
"body", "head" and "all"
* Process-marking all groups in a topic should process-mark groups
in subtopics as well.
* Add non-native groups to the list of killed groups when killing
If this entry is about non-foreign non-native groups, then it was
actually a bug that prevented them from being inserted into
* nntp-suggest-kewl-config to probe the nntp server and suggest
variable settings.
* add edit and forward secondary marks.
* nnml shouldn't visit its .overview files.
* allow customizing sorting within gathered threads.
* `B q' shouldn't select the current article.
* nnmbox should support a newsgroups file for descriptions.
* Be able to specify whether the saving commands save the original
or the formatted article.
* a command to reparent with the child process-marked (cf. `T ^'.).
* I think the possibility to send a password with nntp-open-rlogin
should be a feature in Red Gnus.
* The `Z n' command should be possible to execute from a mouse
* more limiting functions - date, etc.
We have `gnus-summary-limit-to-age'. What's missing? Maybe enter a date?
* be able to limit on a random header; on body; using reverse
* a group parameter (`absofucking-total-expiry') that will make
Gnus expire even unread articles.
* variable to disable password fetching when opening by
* manual: more example servers - nntp with rlogin, telnet
* checking for bogus groups should clean topic alists as well.
* canceling articles in foreign groups.
* article number in folded topics isn't properly updated by Xref
* Movement in the group buffer to the next unread group should go
to the next closed topic with unread messages if no group can be
* Extensive info pages generated on the fly with help everywhere -
in the "*Gnus edit*" buffers, for instance.
* Topic movement commands - like thread movement. Up, down,
forward, next.
* a way to say that all groups within a specific topic comes from a
particular server? Hm.
* `gnus-article-fill-if-long-lines' - a function to fill the
article buffer if there are any looong lines there.
* `T h' should jump to the parent topic and fold it.
* a command to create an ephemeral nndoc group out of a file, and
then splitting it/moving it to some other group/backend.
* It should also probably be possible to delimit what
`gnus-jog-cache' does - for instance, work on just some groups, or
on some levels, and entering just articles that have a score
higher than a certain number.
* nnfolder should append to the folder instead of re-writing the
entire folder to disk when accepting new messages.
* a backend for reading collections of babyl files nnbabylfolder?
* a command for making the native groups into foreign groups.
* server mode command for clearing read marks from all groups from
a server.
* when following up multiple articles, include all To, Cc, etc
headers from all articles.
* a command for deciding what the total score of the current thread
is. Also a way to highlight based on this.
* command to show and edit group scores
* a gnus-tree-minimize-horizontal to minimize tree buffers
* command to generate nnml overview file for one group.
* `C-u C-u a' - prompt for many crossposted groups.
* keep track of which mail groups have received new articles (in
this session). Be able to generate a report and perhaps do some
marking in the group buffer.
* gnus-build-sparse-threads to a number - build only sparse threads
that are of that length.
* have nnmh respect mh's unseen sequence in .mh_profile.
* cache the newsgroups descriptions locally.
* asynchronous posting under nntp.
* be able to control word adaptive scoring from the score files.
* a variable to make `C-c C-c' post using the "current" select
* `limit-exclude-low-scored-articles'.
* if `gnus-summary-show-thread' is a number, hide threads that have
a score lower than this number.
* split newsgroup subscription variable up into "order" and
* buttonize ange-ftp file names.
* a command to make a duplicate copy of the current article so that
each copy can be edited separately.
* nnweb should allow fetching from the local nntp server.
* record the sorting done in the summary buffer so that it can be
repeated when limiting/regenerating the buffer.
* nnml-generate-nov-databses should generate for all nnml servers.
* when the user does commands in the group buffer, check the
modification time of the .newsrc.eld file and use
ask-user-about-supersession-threat. Also warn when trying to save
.newsrc.eld and it has changed.
* M-g on a topic will display all groups with 0 articles in the
* command to remove all topic stuff.
* allow exploding incoming digests when reading incoming mail and
splitting the resulting digests.
* command to nix out all nnoo state information.
* nnmail-process-alist that calls functions if group names matches
an alist - before saving.
* use buffer-invisibility-spec everywhere for hiding text.
* variable to activate each group before entering them to get the
(new) number of articles. `gnus-activate-before-entering'.
* command to fetch a Message-ID from any buffer, even starting Gnus
first if necessary.
* when posting and checking whether a group exists or not, just ask
the nntp server instead of relying on the active hashtb.
* buttonize the output of `C-c C-a' in an apropos-like way.
* `G p' should understand process/prefix, and allow editing of
several groups at once.
* command to create an ephemeral nnvirtual group that matches some
* it should be possible to score "thread" on the From header.
* hitting RET on a "gnus-uu-archive" pseudo article should unpack
* `B i' should display the article at once in the summary buffer.
* remove the "*" mark at once when unticking an article.
* `M-s' should highlight the matching text.
* when checking for duplicated mails, use Resent-Message-ID if
* killing and yanking groups in topics should be better. If
killing one copy of a group that exists in multiple topics, only
that copy should be removed. Yanking should insert the copy, and
yanking topics should be possible to be interspersed with the
other yankings.
* command for enter a group just to read the cached articles. A
way to say "ignore the nntp connection; just read from the cache."
* a way to hide all "inner" cited text, leaving just the most
recently cited text.
* nnvirtual should be asynchronous.
* after editing an article, gnus-original-article-buffer should be
* there should probably be a way to make Gnus not connect to the
server and just read the articles in the server
* allow a `set-default' (or something) to change the default value
of nnoo variables.
* a command to import group infos from a .newsrc.eld file.
* groups from secondary servers have the entire select method
listed in each group info.
* a command for just switching from the summary buffer to the group
* a way to specify that some incoming mail washing functions should
only be applied to some groups.
* Message `C-f C-t' should ask the user whether to heed
mail-copies-to: never.
* new group parameter - `post-to-server' that says to post using
the current server. Also a variable to do the same.
* the slave dribble files should auto-save to the slave file names.
* a group parameter that says what articles to display on group
entry, based on article marks.
* a way to visually distinguish slave Gnusae from masters. (Whip
instead of normal logo?)
* Use DJ Bernstein "From " quoting/dequoting, where applicable.
* Why is hide-citation-maybe and hide-citation different? Also
clear up info.
* group user-defined meta-parameters.
From: John Griffith <>
* I like the option for trying to retrieve the FAQ for a group and
I was thinking it would be great if for those newsgroups that had
archives you could also try to read the archive for that group.
Part of the problem is that archives are spread all over the net,
unlike FAQs. What would be best I suppose is to find the one
closest to your site.
In any case, there is a list of general news group archives at
* From: Jason L Tibbitts III <>
(add-hook 'gnus-select-group-hook
(lambda ()
(gnus-group-add-parameter group
(cons 'gnus-group-date-last-entered (list (current-time-string))))))
(defun gnus-user-format-function-d (headers)
"Return the date the group was last read."
(cond ((car (gnus-group-get-parameter gnus-tmp-group 'gnus-group-date-last-entered)))
(t "")))
* tanken var at n,Ae(Br du bruker `gnus-startup-file' som prefix (FOO)
til ,Ae(B lete opp en fil FOO-SERVER, FOO-SERVER.el, FOO-SERVER.eld,
kan du la den v,Af(Bre en liste hvor du bruker hvert element i listen
som FOO, istedet. da kunne man hatt forskjellige serveres
startup-filer forskjellige steder.
* LMI> Well, nnbabyl could alter the group info to heed labels like
LMI> answered and read, I guess.
It could also keep them updated (the same for the Status: header of
unix mbox files).
They could be used like this:
`M l <name> RET' add label <name> to current message.
`M u <name> RET' remove label <name> from current message.
`/ l <expr> RET' limit summary buffer according to <expr>.
<expr> would be a boolean expression on the labels, e.g.
`/ l bug & !fixed RET'
would show all the messages which are labeled `bug' but not labeled
One could also imagine the labels being used for highlighting, or
affect the summary line format.
* Sender:
I'd like a gnus-find-file which work like find file, except that it
would recognize things that looks like messages or folders:
- If it is a directory containing numbered files, create an nndir
summary buffer.
- For other directories, create a nneething summary buffer.
- For files matching "\\`From ", create a nndoc/mbox summary.
- For files matching "\\`BABYL OPTIONS:", create a nndoc/baby
- For files matching "\\`[^ \t\n]+:", create an *Article* buffer.
- For other files, just find them normally.
I'd like `nneething' to use this function, so it would work on a
directory potentially containing mboxes or babyl files.
* Currently, I get prompted:
decend into sci? - type y decend into sci.something ? - type n
decend into ucd?
The problem above is that since there is really only one
subsection of science, shouldn't it prompt you for only descending
sci.something? If there was a sci.somethingelse group or section,
then it should prompt for sci? first the sci.something? then
* Ja, det burde v,Af(Bre en m,Ae(Bte ,Ae(B si slikt. Kanskje en ny variabel?
`gnus-use-few-score-files'? S,Ae(B kunne score-regler legges til den
"mest" lokale score-fila. F. eks. ville no-gruppene betjenes av
"no.all.SCORE", osv.
* What i want is for Gnus to treat any sequence or combination of
the following as a single spoiler warning and hide it all,
replacing it with a "Next Page" button:
more than n blank lines
more than m identical lines (which should be replaced with button
to show them)
any whitespace surrounding any of the above
* Well, we could allow a new value to `gnus-thread-ignore-subject' -
`spaces', or something. (We could even default to that.) And then
subjects that differ in white space only could be considered the
"same" subject for threading purposes.
* Modes to preprocess the contents (e.g. jka-compr) use the second
form "(REGEXP FUNCTION NON-NIL)" while ordinary modes (e.g. tex)
use the first form "(REGEXP . FUNCTION)", so you could use it to
distinguish between those two types of modes. (auto-modes-alist,
* Under XEmacs - do funny article marks: tick - thumb tack killed -
skull soup - bowl of soup score below - dim light bulb score over
- bright light bulb
* Yes. I think the algorithm is as follows:
if (key-pressed == SPACE)
if (no-more-articles-in-group-to-select)
if (articles-selected)
else if (key-pressed = '.')
if (consolidated-menus) # same as hide-thread in Gnus
if (key-pressed == SPACE)
if (more-pages-in-article)
else if (more-selected-articles-to-read)
* My precise need here would have been to limit files to Incoming*.
One could think of some `nneething-only-files' variable, but I
guess it would have been unacceptable if one was using many
unrelated such nneething groups.
A more useful approach would be to, in response to the `G D'
prompt, be allowed to say something like: `~/.mail/Incoming*',
somewhat limiting the top-level directory only (in case
directories would be matched by the wildcard expression).
* Take a look at w3-menu.el in the Emacs-W3 distribution - this
works out really well. Each menu is 'named' by a symbol that
would be on a gnus-*-menus (where * would be whatever, but at
least group, summary, and article versions) variable.
So for gnus-summary-menus, I would set to '(sort mark dispose ...)
A value of '1' would just put _all_ the menus in a single 'GNUS'
menu in the main menubar. This approach works really well for
Emacs-W3 and VM.
* nndoc should take care to create unique Message-IDs for all its
* gnus-score-followup-article only works when you have a summary
buffer active. Make it work when posting from the group buffer as
well. (message-sent-hook).
* * Enhancements to Gnus:
Add two commands:
* gnus-servers (gnus-start-server-buffer?)-enters Gnus and goes
straight to the server buffer, without opening any connections to
servers first.
* gnus-server-read-server-newsrc-produces a buffer very similar to
the group buffer, but with only groups from that server listed;
quitting this buffer returns to the server buffer.
* add a command to check the integrity of an nnfolder folder - go
through the article numbers and see that there are no duplicates,
and stuff.
* a command to give all relevant info on an article, including all
secondary marks.
* when doing `-request-accept-article', the backends should do the
nnmail duplicate checking.
* cache the newsgroups file locally to avoid reloading it all the
* a command to import a buffer into a group.
* point in the article buffer doesn't always go to the beginning of
the buffer when selecting new articles.
* a command to process mark all unread articles.
* `gnus-gather-threads-by-references-and-subject' - first do
gathering by references, and then go through the dummy roots and
do more gathering by subject.
* gnus-uu-mark-in-numerical-order - process mark articles in
article numerical order.
* (gnus-thread-total-score (gnus-id-to-thread (mail-header-id
(gnus-summary-article-header)))) bind to a key.
* sorting by score is wrong when using sparse threads.
* a command to fetch an arbitrary article - without having to be in
the summary buffer.
* a new nncvs backend. Each group would show an article, using
version branches as threading, checkin date as the date, etc.
* A Date scoring type that will match if the article is less than a certain
number of days old. With - < > = (etc) that take floating point numbers and
match on the age of the article.
* use the summary toolbar in the article buffer.
* a command to fetch all articles that are less than X days old.
* in pick mode, `q' should save the list of selected articles in the
group info. The next time the group is selected, these articles
will automatically get the process mark.
* Isn't it possible to (also?) allow M-^ to automatically try the
default server if it fails on the current server? (controlled by a
user variable, (nil, t, 'ask)).
[Done by `gnus-refer-article-method'?]
* a new variable to control which selection commands should be
unselecting. `first', `best', `next', `prev', `next-unread',
`prev-unread' are candidates.
* `x' should retain any sortings that have been performed.
* allow the user to specify the precedence of the secondary marks.
Also allow them to be displayed separately.
* gnus-summary-save-in-pipe should concatenate the results from the
processes when doing a process marked pipe.
* a new match type, like Followup, but which adds Thread matches on
all articles that match a certain From header.
* a function that can be read from kill-emacs-query-functions to
offer saving living summary buffers.
* a function for selecting a particular group which will contain
the articles listed in a list of article numbers/id's.
* (add-hook 'gnus-exit-query-functions
'(lambda ()
(if (and (file-exists-p nnmail-spool-file)
(> (nnheader-file-size nnmail-spool-file) 0))
(yes-or-no-p "New mail has arrived. Quit Gnus anyways? ")
(y-or-n-p "Are you sure you want to quit Gnus? "))))
* gnus-article-hide-pgp Selv ville jeg nok ha valgt ,Ae(B slette den
dersom teksten matcher
"\\(This\s+\\)?[^ ]+ has been automatically signed by"
og det er maks hundre tegn mellom match-end og ---linja. Men -det-
er min type heuristikk og langt fra alles.
* `gnus-subscribe-sorted' - insert new groups where they would have
been sorted to if `gnus-group-sort-function' were run.
* gnus-(group,summary)-highlight should respect any `face' text
props set on the lines.
* nndraft-request-group should tally auto-save files.
* implement nntp-retry-on-break and nntp-command-timeout.
* gnus-article-highlight-limit that says when not to highlight
(long) articles.
* Interrupting the agent fetching of articles should save articles.
Have the Agent write out articles, one by one, as it retrieves
them, to avoid having to re-fetch them all if Emacs should crash
while fetching.
* command to open a digest group, and copy all the articles there
to the current group.
* handle 480/381 authinfo requests separately.
* command to display all dormant articles.
* gnus-auto-select-next makeover - list of things it should do.
* a score match type that adds scores matching on From if From has
replied to something someone else has said.
* `T v' - make all process-marked articles the children of the
current article.
* Switch from initial text to the new default text mechanism.
* How about making it possible to expire local articles? Will it be
possible to make various constraints on when an article can be
expired, e.g. (read), (age > 14 days), or the more interesting
(read & age > 14 days)?
* New limit command--limit to articles that have a certain string in
the head or body.
* Allow breaking lengthy NNTP commands.
* gnus-article-highlight-limit, to disable highlighting in big
* A command to send a mail to the admin-address group param.
* Allow Gnus Agent scoring to use normal score files.
* Rething the Agent active file thing. `M-g' doesn't update the
active file, for instance.
* With dummy roots, `^' and then selecing the first article in any
other dummy thread will make Gnus highlight the dummy root instead
of the first article.
* Propagate all group properties (marks, article numbers, etc) up to
the topics for displaying.
* gnus-posting-styles doesn't work in drafts.
* gnus-summary-limit-include-cached is slow when there are many
articles in the cache, since it regenerates big parts of the
summary buffer for each article.
* Group parameters and summary commands for un/subscribing to mailing
* Introduce nnmail-home-directory.
* gnus-fetch-group and friends should exit Gnus when the user exits
the group.
* Crossposted articles should "inherit" the % or mark from the other
groups it has been crossposted to, or something. (Agent.)
* If point is on a group that appears multiple times in topics, and
you press `l', point will move to the first instance of the group.
* A spec for the group line format to display the number of
agent-downloaded articles in the group.
* Some nntp servers never respond when posting, so there should be a
timeout for all commands.
* When stading on a topic line and `t'-ing, point goes to the last
line. It should go somewhere else.
* When `#F', do:
Subject: Answer to your mails 01.01.1999-01.05.1999
--text follows this line--
Sorry I killfiled you...
Under the subject "foo", you wrote on 01.01.1999:
> bar
Under the subject "foo1", you wrote on 01.01.1999:
> bar 1
* Allow "orphan" scores in the Agent scoring.
* - Edit article's summary line.
- End edit
- Sort lines in buffer by subject
--> the old subject line appears in Summary buffer, not the one that was
just changed to.
* Remove list identifiers from the subject in the summary when doing
`^' and the like.
* nnweb should include the "get whole article" article when getting
* Perhaps there should be a command to "attach" a buffer of comments
to a message? That is, `B WHATEVER', you're popped into a buffer,
write something, end with `C-c C-c', and then the thing you've
written gets to be the child of the message you're commenting.
* Handle external-body parts.
[done for some access types]
* When renaming a group name, nnmail-split-history does not get the
group name renamed.
* Allow mail splitting on bodies when using advanced mail splitting.
(body "whatever.text")
* Solve the halting problem.
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;; mode: outline
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