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This is a collection of natural language processing tools wrapped behind common interfaces. The client can easily use the wrapped libraries through an elegant scala interface. It's also a breeze to switch implementations since all implementations of a particular tool extend a common trait.

This toolkit also aims to minimize the size of transitive dependencies. Each tool is broken into its own component so you can choose what you want to use. Each component contains the requisite modules but no more, saving you from searching for models but also protecting you from a dependencies with hundreds of megabytes of transitive dependencies. If you want to avoid the default models, that's OK too. They are a transitive dependency of the tool so you can exclude them with a maven exclusion.

Licensing can be a nightmare. Each tool is split into its own component with the most permissive license allowable by the dependencies. Licenses are all clearly stated in the LICENSE file of the subcomponent.

The largest NLP components are OpenNLP toolkit (Apache 2.0) and Stanford CoreNLP (GPL 2.0).

The interfaces are defined in the core component.



  • Morpha
  • Snowball
    • Porter
    • Porter2
    • Lovins


  • OpenNLP
  • Stanford

Part-of-Speech (POS) Taggers

  • OpenNLP
  • Stanford


  • OpenNLP

Constituency Parsers

  • OpenNLP
  • Stanford

Dependency Parsers

  • MaltParser
  • Stanford


  • Stanford

Sentence Segmentation (sentencer)

  • OpenNLP
  • Piao


Each component is usable through a java interface as well as on the command line. For example:

echo 'You are a fool to believe that!' | mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=edu.washington.cs.knowitall.tool.parse.StanfordParse