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Scalaboot is a template project to seed new scala repository.

Dependencies included (September 2014):

  • All basic Scala tools (test, assembly, etc)
  • Scalaz
  • Scalding

Quick start

  1. If you haven't done so, install sbt (
  2. Clone this project, giving it a desired output directory:
  • Sanity test: run sbt clean compile stage assembly This will compile, create a start script for your app, and create assembly for it. If the status of this processs is success, we are in business.
  • Open file project/Project.scala:
    • Change the name of ScalabootBuild object and PROJECT_NAME val to the name of your project.
    • If at this point you know of any dependencies your project needs, add them
  • Change the name of the scalaboot-core folder to reflect your project name: scalaboot-core<your-core>
  • In the source classes, look for the App, the application class; it is named Scalaboot.scala and it is located in <your-core>\src\main\scala\sss\scalaboot. Change this package and the name of the application class.
  • Now it is up to you: start adding your code and play with it. Make sure, in project/Project.scala, to modify the name of your runner (by default it is HADOOP_JOBRUNNER).