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A microtonal physical modeling (kinda) synthesizer
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Xephys is a microtonal digital waveguide synthesier.


Install Rust and JACK and then run

$ cargo install --git

How to use it

Xephys is a standalone synth that uses JACK for audio output and OSC for control. It has no support for MIDI. Instead it uses the Miosc protocol that works over OSC.

To convert MIDI messages into Miosc messages, you can use a little utily called “mimi”. You can install it with:

$ cargo install --git

By default, it converts MIDI messages to pitches of the 31 tone equal temperament. You can choose any equal temperament you want by running mimi with corresponding --edo flag. For example, to use the standard 12 tone equal temperament, run mimi as mimi --edo 12.

Synth parameters are changed by sending the corresponding OSC messages. The most convinient way to do it, is to use Open Stage Control. This programm provides you a graphical interface to the OSC parameters. The repository contains file named xephys.json, which you can open in Open Stage Control to control the synth.

The default UDP port for OSC messages is 3579.

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