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git-remind is a command line tool that prevent you to forget git-commit and git-push.


git-commit/git-push status

git-remind checks across the all git repositories in your computer, and it displays the status whether there are uncommitted files and there are ahead commits which should be pushed to remote.

Desktop Notification

git-remind notifies you git-commit/git-push status using desktop notification. This feature is tested macOS, but it will work in Windows and Linux.



brew install suin/suin/git-remind


Download build binary from the releases.


Add remind.paths to your .gitconfig, using your own absolute path to the repository directories.

	paths = /Users/you/projects/foo,/Users/you/projects/bar

If you have some git repositories (e.g. ~/projects/foo and ~/projects/bar) in the same directory (e.g. in ~/projects) , you may specify the path using wildcard (e.g./Users/you/projects/*):

	paths = /Users/you/projects/*

You can also utilise the git config command to configure git-remind to avoid the manually editing of the .gitconfig.

git config --global remind.paths '/Users/you/projects/*'

Check the configuration using following command:

git-remind paths # Shows path patterns configuration
git-remind repos # Shows git repositories to be reminded


Display git-commit/git-push status

$ git-remind status
Need to commit: /Users/suin/projects/myapp1
Need to commit and push: /Users/suin/projects/myapp2

Short status like git status -s

$ git-remind status -s
C  /Users/suin/projects/myapp1
CP /Users/suin/projects/myapp2

Show all status including up-to-date repositories

$ git-remind status -a
Need to commit: /Users/suin/projects/myapp1
Need to commit and push: /Users/suin/projects/myapp2
Up-to-date: /Users/suin/projects/myapp3

Desktop Notification

git-remind status-notification

Ad-hoc paths configuration

The paths can be specified with --path option instead of git global configuration remind.paths.

$ git-remind --path '/path/to/dir/*' paths

The option accepts multiple paths giving two or more --path options.

$ git-remind --path '/path/to/dir1/*' --path '/path/to/dir2/*' paths

Also giving the environment variable GIT_REMIND_PATHS, it makes the same effect.

$ export GIT_REMIND_PATHS='/path/to/dir1/*,/path/to/dir2/*'
$ git-remind paths

When both of --path option and GIT_REMIND_PATHS are given, the paths become the combination of the both.

$ export GIT_REMIND_PATHS='/path/to/dir1/*,/path/to/dir2/*'
$ git-remind --path '/path/to/dir3/*' paths

Advanced usage

Scheduled reminder (cron)

To get scheduled reminder, set up crontab. Following example send notifications every 20 minutes:


*/20 * * * * git-remind status-notification > /dev/null 2>&1

Jumping to the repositories

By combining git-remind and fzf, you will be able to jump the repositories that needs to commit or push:

cd $(git remind status -n | fzf)

It would be useful that you set command alias in your .bashrc/.zshrc:

alias grj='cd $(git remind status -n | fzf)'