A QUnit based test library to simplify Javascript tests
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QUnit Test Machine

Mantainer: Jaydson Gomes <email [at] jaydson org>

QUnit Test Machine is a library based on QUnit to simplify Javascript tests.
With this library is possible run tests in various javascript files dinamically.
A simple API is provided, and the developer just need to specify which files need to be tested.
Sure that you must create your tests files before start, the ideia is just simplify the way to run tests with Qunit.

This project is open sourced under the MIT
Licence and can be used and modified by anyone. The requirements are:

  • A Good Browser like Firefox,Chrome,Opera and Safari

Third Party code used:

  • jQuery 1.4.3 by jQuery team
  • Qunit by Jörn Zaefferer and John Resig

Up & Running in a few steps

  • To use QUnitTestMachine you dont need to care about another file then config.js.
    To start open config.js file, this file have the configuration of your tests.
  • Set the path of application that you want run tests
    QUnitTestMachine.defaults.path = ‘http://localhost/Javascript/appteste/’;
    QUnitTestMachine will use this like an root path of the application.
  • Set a file test prefix
    QUnitTestMachine.defaults.prefix = ‘test_’;
    For default the prefix is ‘test_[script]’, but you can change this.
    This mean that if you have a script ‘my_script.js’ QUnitTestMachine will search for a file in the same path with name ‘test_my_script.js’.
  • Add the scripts that you want run tests
    “scripts”: [
    {name: “script4.js”},
    {name: “script5.js”}]

Two formats are suported:
- A simple String array:

- A simple Json object like example above.

  • [NEW] Run tests in multiples paths
    Now is possible run tests in various paths.
    How to do this? Very simple!
    First check if your path property is set, something like that:
    QUnitTestMachine.defaults.path = ‘http://localhost/Javascript/appteste/’;
    This is a root path of an application that you want to run tests.
    Now, simply set your scripts with a path:
    “scripts”: [
    {name: “path/to/my/script/script4.js”},
    {name: “another/path/to/my/script/script5.js”}]
    With this configurations QUnitTestMachine load all scripts and search for test files in the same path of your script.
    In this example, ‘path/to/my/script/script4.js’ QUnitTestMachine will search for ‘path/to/my/script/test_script4.js’

How can you help?

  • Testing and sending Tickets!
  • Resolving existing tickets!
  • Spreading the world about the project!

How can I get Help?