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Simple order system for a multiple frameworks, a dojo exercise.
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A ideia básica é criar o mesmo sistema de pedidos on line em diversos frameworks e o criador fazer um tutorial padrão para que possamos comparar o mesmo sistema em diferentes fws.

A dojo exercise to create a simple order system in multiple frameworks creating a tutorial for them.

Use the correct branch for your framework.

Only admin can create products, categories, payments.
Fill with data city, state and country.

Please commit in every modification.

Every branch MUST HAVE this pattern tutorial

1 - Introduction
    Brief history of the framework, some features, characteristics, etc.

2 - setup
    Download, setup, configuration, requirements.

3 - Folders Organization
    How are organized the folders and files.

4 - Basic Files Creation
    Basic files of the framework, source generators, scaffolding, etc

5 - Layout Manipulation
    How the framework organize and manipulate the screens. Files' localization, characteristics, etc.

6 - Controllers
    Explanation of the controllers in the framework: what they are, how they work, basic functions of the controllers, application flow, etc.

7 - Models
    How models access the database, how to map the fields. How to perform queries using the abstraction layer of the database, how to treat these queries

8 - Form Creation and Validation
    How is the creation and validation of form fields using helpers.

9 - System Creation
    Creation of the system to demonstrate the concepts presented.

10 - Conclusion
    Considerations about the framework

11 - Reference links
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