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rework-suit (DEPRECATED)

Use the suitcss-preprocessor which now makes use of postcss directly.

Build Status

A Rework plugin for use with SUIT CSS.


Install with npm:

npm install --save-dev rework-suit


As a Rework plugin:

var css = fs.readFileSync('build/build.css', 'utf8').toString();

var processed = rework(css)

Where options has properties alias, root, and shim corresponding to the options available in rework-npm.



@import "normalize.css";

@custom-media --narrow-viewport all and (min-width:300px);

:root {
  --color: green;
  --width: 100px;

@media (--narrow-viewport) {
  .example {
    /* simple variable */
    color: var(--color);
    /* variable with fallback */
    outline: var(--outline, 1px solid red);
    /* calc */
    width: calc(var(--width) * 2);


/* …inlined normalize.css source code… */

@media all and (min-width:300px) {
  .example {
    /* simple variable */
    color: green;
    /* variable with fallback */
    outline: 1px solid red;
    /* calc */
    width: 200px;


Install all dependencies and run the tests:

npm install && npm test

Watch and re-run the tests:

npm run watch