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Short and sweet script to check a pre-selected range(s) of IP's for Open SMTP Relays and Open DNS Resolvers utilising nmap
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Not-So-Quick and dirty script to scan a selection of IP ranges for Open SMTP, DNS resolvers plus a few other useful utilities

Prerequisite: 'prips' utility (aptitude install prips)

Prerequisite: 'mail' utility (aptitude install mutt)

Authors: Johnathan Williamson (@SuitedUpGeek) / Shane Mc Cormack (@ShaneMcC)

Credits: Alain Kelder (

OpenRelay Hunter.

Usage: ./ [flags] <IP> [IP [IP] ... [IP]]

Accepted flags:

 -h, --help                      Show this help.
 -d, --dns                       Check for Open DNS Resolver.
 -s, --smtp                      Check for Open Relay.
 -b, --heartbleed                Check for SSL Heartbleed Vulnerability." >&2
 -i, --superipmi                 Check for SuperMicro IPMI Vulnerability." >&2
 -B, --blacklist		 Check for RBL Listings." >&2
 -t <addr>, --to <addr>          Email address to send report to.
 -f <addr>, --from <addr>        Email address to send report from.

Anything param passed that isn't a flag is considered an address range to scan

!! Address ranges must be a CIDR range of /31 or larger, or individual IPs (without '/32') !!

OpenRelayHunter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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