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Netlify CMS template for Gridsome
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Netlify CMS template for Gridsome

A simple, hackable & minimalistic starter for Gridsome that uses Netlify CMS for content.


  • Beautiful and simple design.
  • Markdown for content.
  • Tags support.
  • Dark / Light toggle.
  • CSS variables, SCSS & BEM for styling.
  • 100, 100, 100, 100 score on Google Lighthouse.
  • Uses same front-matter fields as

Demo URL

Deploy to Netlify

Deploy to Netlify

Enable Identity

Enable the netlify identity service at For exact instructions see You might want to enable Git Gateway as well

Edit content

Access, e.g. or locally this might be localhost:3000/admin.

Install locally

1. Install Gridsome CLI tool if you don't have

npm install --global @gridsome/cli

2. Install this starter

  1. gridsome create my-gridsome-site
  2. cd my-gridsome-site to open folder
  3. gridsome develop to start local dev server at http://localhost:8080
  4. Happy coding 🎉🙌
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