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A simple oauth proxy for access to your own photo stream from instagram via JS
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ChromaticLove 0.1.0 (or Proxstagram or Proxigram)

An experiment in node.js, express.js, and Instagram running on Heroku using less.js.

What does it do?

The idea was simple: I wanted to put a bit of JS on my blog to show my latest few instagram photos. I just wanted thumbnails. The problem I ran into was that Instagram requires authentication to get to a users photostream, even if that user is marked as public. So, that would imply that any JS only solution would require the OAuth tokens to be in the clear in the JavaScript code. That seemed like a bad idea.

So, here's a simple proxy that lets you sign up, OAuth to Instagram, and get an opaque API key. The API key only lets a client READ from the API call, and only the most recent 30 photos. This should be safe. The actual OAuth credentials that give you full access to the Instagram API will remain on the server.

What is it built with?

This is still a work in progress, but so far, we're using:

  • node.js
  • express.js
  • less.js
  • Bootstrap by Twitter


See the LICENSE file for details.

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