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Node.js module for deleting tweets

Please Note: if you follow these instructions, the utility will delete ALL of your tweets. There is NO undo. Please use caution before running this utility.

This fork of the original project from kakts that converts it to parse the tweets.js file that comes as part of the data archive Twitter now offers all users. Why make this change? Because, if you have more than ~3200 tweets, it's the only way to delete everything. You need a list of IDs, and that file, in the data backup, is the only place that has the IDs.

There are a few other small changes. Errors are now sent to STDERR, so you can log them separately. A few other cleanups to allow the app to continue running if some "expected" errors occur. They will get logged to the error stream, so you can monitor it for issues.


  1. Create a credential.js file in the conf subdirectory. You can copy the default-credential.js file as a template. It documents the format.
    • You will need to create a twitter APP to get the values necessary. You can find some instructions for the current process here. This process will change soon, unfortunately. I'll try to update the docs once I find a good tutorial.
    • The application will require read & write access.
    • Make sure you create the app AND the access tokens.
  2. Download your Twitter archive:
  3. Expand the archive somewhere handy.
  4. Run the following command, substituting the path to the tweets.js file:
node clean.js path/to/the/tweets.js 2>>errors.txt

That should parse the list of your tweets from the backup and clear EVERYTHING. THERE IS NO UNDO ON THIS OPERATION!! Use caution before running this utility.


Node.js module for deleting tweets






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