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A Jekyll Resume + Blog Theme for Developers.
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devlopr jekyll - Getting Started

Gem Version Netlify Status

Anyone can use devlopr theme to build a personal Portfolio + Blog Type of Website, hosted freely on Github Pages or Netlify .

Many features are in our checklist, that needs to be worked upon and are in progress. And if you liked this project ! Do share with your developer friends and colleagues who may find it interesting :D


New To Jekyll ? Create your Blog !

Follow this guide to setup your own blog using Jekyll and Github Pages Here

Already Got a Jekyll Blog ? Learn How to use Devlopr Theme with your Current Jekyll Blog

Follow this step by step Tutorial, if you are new to Jekyll Themes Customization !

Feature Todo

  • Pagination
  • Menu Support
  • Algolia Support
  • Gallery
  • Admin


The theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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