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👻Customized ghost casper theme for developer's blog
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Customized ghost casper theme for developer's blog

Inspired from Hungys's CasperS

This repo is customized casper theme for my ghost dev blog. Currently, it lives on

  • Vanilla Casper 2.11.1 style
  • Works with Ghost 2+
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Disqus integration (comments, comment count)
  • Prism-powered syntax highlight
  • Revised xonokai.css
  • Social links with Simple Icons integration
  • KaTex

How to install theme in your live ghost

  • Download this repo as zip file.
  • Go to your desgin panel in ghost admin page (https:///ghost/#/settings/design)
  • Click Upload a theme button and upload zip file.
  • Activate new theme.
  • Go to code injection panel. (https:///ghost/#/settings/code-injection)
  • Update google analytics variable in Site Header code block.
  var ga_id = "your_google_id"
  • Update social links and google analytics variables in Site Footer code block.
    • Social icons : facebook, flickr, github, gmail, googleplus', instagram, line, linkedin, messenger, microsoftoutlook, plurk, sinaweibo, skype, snapchat, stackoverflow, telegram, twitter, wechat, whatsapp
  var social_link = {
    linkedin: "",
    github: "",
    medium: ""
  • Update your disqus shortname in Site Footer.
  var disqus_shortname = "sujinlee"

Disqus configuration

Katex usage

  • Use a pair of single($)/double($$) dollar sign as formula delimiter.


How to customize casper theme

  • Install ghost locally as following official setup guide doc.
  • Clone or download repo and put them in content/themes/ folder under your Ghost installation.
$ cd /[your-ghost-root-directory]
$ git clone content/themes/[theme-name]
  • Run ghost start.
  • Go to theme folder and install packages.
$ cd content/themes/[theme-name]
$ yarn install
  • Run yarn dev and open localhost.
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