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A website for personal blogging and project.


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  • Author : Design & Code by Sujin Lee
  • Tech: Django 1.10(python 3.5+), HTML5 & SASS, JavaScript, gulp


  • Last Updated : 2017. 2.
  • version 1. : 2016. 3.


Django third party apps
Built with
  • HTML & SCSS, Javascript
  • Framework: Django 1.10
  • Build Tools: Gulp
  • Editor: Markdown, KaTeX


Setting up Development Environment

Git clone this repository in your working directory. git clone


1 - Install new virtual environment

python3 -m venv [name]

2 - Activate your virtual environment

source [name]/bin/activate

3 - Install packages according to requirements.txt

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

❗️ django_markdown package Issue

Becausedjango_mardown doesn't support the lastet version of django, depreciated `django.conf.urls.patterns' must to be removed.

Make sure that hange your under Lib/site-packages/django_markdown to:

""" Define preview URL. """

from django.conf.urls import url

from .views import preview

urlpatterns = [
    url('preview/$', preview, name='django_markdown_preview'),
  1. DB migration
python3 migrate


1 - Activate virtual enviroment firstly and run this command in your project directory to install gulp.

npm install --save-dev gulp

2 - And than, install gulp packages according to package.json.

npm install

Run Development Server

1 - Start the web server by running python runserver

python runsslserver

2 - Run gulp to work frontend automating tasks.

gulp watch