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import warnings
from import assert_equal, assert_true
from nerds.models import FlairNER
from nerds.utils import load_data_and_labels
import shutil
def test_flair_ner():
X, y = load_data_and_labels("nerds/test/data/example.iob")
model = FlairNER("nerds/test/data/models", max_iter=1), y)"nerds/test/data/models")
model_r = model.load("nerds/test/data/models")
y_pred = model_r.predict(X)
# FLAIR NER needs more data to train than provided, so pointless testing
# for prediction quality, just make sure prediction produces something sane
assert_equal(len(y), len(y_pred), "Size of Label and prediction must be equal")
assert_equal(len(y[0]), len(y_pred[0]), "Size of first Label and prediction must be equal")
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