Generate Models files for Sails App from MySQL Database
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Sails Models Generator from Existing MySQL Database

Before use

Please, make sure you have following:

In file <projectDir>/config/connections.js:

localMySQL: {
    adapter: 'sails-mysql',
    host: 'localhost',
    user: 'superuser',
    password: 'superpassword',
    database: 'your_database'

In file <projectDir>/config/models.js:

connection: 'localMySQL',
migrate: 'safe'

Actual name of your connection may vary, but both must be set!

Install and use

cd <your_project_dir>
git clone
cd sails-genmodels
npm install
cd ..
node sails-genmodels/genmodels.js

That's it!

As result you will get files in api/models and api/controllers named according to your tables. For example for table named 'countries' you will get:

  • api/controllers/CountriesController.js
  • api/models/Countries.js

If for some reason you already have model with same name - it will be ignored! As same time - if you already have controller with same name, but don't have model - model will be created and controller will be overridden!


Please, fell free to fork project and send me a pull-requests.


Yevgen 'Scorp' Sukharenko <>