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A lein plugin help to create config template for easyconf. It collect all config var in project and write it to a config namespace.

2012-3-30 Release 0.1.0


add to porject.clj

:dev-dependencies [[lein-easyconf "0.1.0"]]

use lein plugin gen-conf to create your config namespace.

Go to your project path, and run lein gen-conf it load all config var in your current project, create a namepaces named config.autocreated, and then put it into test path. if you want change the path config namespace put into, you can add a parameter to special this path, as follow: lein gen-conf you-path

change defconf-ns-prefixs.

gen-conf plugin load config var in all namespace that's name start with one of defconf-ns-prefixs. in default, defconf-ns-prefixs is [your-project-name], if you add defconf-ns-prefix attribute to your project like below:

:defconf-ns-prefix "your new prefix"

then your defconf-ns-prefixs change to [your-new-prefix] and even you add defconf-ns-prefixs attribute to your project like below:

:defconf-ns-prefixs ["your new prefix1" "your new prefix2" ...]

then your defconf-ns-prefixs change to ["your new prefix1" "your new prefix2" ...]

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