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A web application with PHP which works like a really small online shop
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A web application with PHP which works like a small online shop.

Installing / Deployment

You need to have XAMPP with PHP 7.0 or Higher if you want to deploy it in your local host

  • Import the shop.sql Databese into your server
  • Create a foulder inside your local (xamp htdocs) directory and name it shop and extract the project inside.
  • NOTE:you can change the database name to what ever you want or you can just import all the table to your database from the shop.sql file.

    Configuration Details

    The Shop Applicatio was develop using a simple customize MVC framework developed with PHP. Apart from the images, javascript and css folder, the MVC contains three main folders (Controller, model and view) and a index.php file that send a request to pagesController. The controller folder contain four files (pagesController.php,productController.php, userAuthentication.php and passwordEncryptController ).

  • The pagesController handle the Navigation (raute) between all the pages.
  • The productController handle all the requests between the user (Ajax function) and the model.
  • userAuthentication check if the user is valid or log out
  • The passwordEncryptController Encrypt the user passpord.
  • Test

    Click to see Life Demo or copy and paste the link in you url press enter

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