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Zabbix Template for CUCM Resources Monitoring

This template monitors the resources of each node of the CUCM cluster through AXL:

  • Calls Active
  • Annunciator Out Of Resources
  • HW Conference Out Of Resources
  • Location Out Of Resources
  • MOH Out Of Resources
  • MTP Out Of Resources
  • MTP Resources Active
  • SW Conference Out Of Resources
  • Transcoder Out Of Resources
  • Transcoder Resources Active
  • Video Out Of Resources

What do you need?

Create a user and give him the appropriate permissions in CUCM

  • Create an Access Control Group and assign the roles below.

Access Control Group

  • Create an Application User for Zabbix and add him to created group. Add him to "Standard CCM Server Monitoring" group too.

Application User

Configure CUCM node on Zabbix

  • Add CUCM node IP address on "Agent interfaces"
  • Add macro {$ZABBIX_APIUSER_UC} - value: Username of Zabbix in CUCM.
  • Add macro {$ZABBIX_APIPASS_UC} - value: Password of the Zabbix user in CUCM.
  • Attach "Cisco AXL Resources Monitoring" template to the host.


Zabbix template for CUCM Resources monitoring




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