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@suloku suloku released this Mar 16, 2021

16 march 2021 17:45 (BUILD 2021316_17468)

  • Added Prop case editor for BW and B2W2 (thanks to bulbapedia for listing them in order and hosting the sprites)
  • Fixed crash when changing flags in Memory Link
  • Grotto table images are now embedded (no need for grotto tables folder and files)
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@suloku suloku released this Mar 13, 2021

  • Dream Radar: Fixed item logic. Works propperly now. Amount limit is 255.
  • Memory Link:
    Now fully trainer name/id/sid (also when importing from BW) which fixes prop case event showing the wrong name. (Thanks Black Shark from almost 4 years ago).
    Added starter pokémon editing and importing from BW savefile.
  • Block dumper:
    Added info for what BW blocks are.
    Enabled decrypting for BW block 38
  • Grotto editor: no longer crashes if grotto tables are missing
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@suloku suloku released this Mar 13, 2021

  • Memory Link:
    Props are now imported from BW savegame
    Added button to unlock all props
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@suloku suloku released this Mar 23, 2017

23 march 2017 23:45 (BUILD 2017323_23514)

  • Medals: added some hex views for research purposes
  • 3DS link editor (Dream Radar) fully working and hopefully bug-free

3DS Link editor: this allows to edit the 3DS link data, which was only ever used by Pokémon Dream radar. This has a "legal mode" (default), on which you can only insert pokémon and items available in Dream Radar and a "All mode" on which you can insert any pokémon or item. The main purpose is to allow the retreival of Dream Radar exclusive pokémon (like weather trio terrian formes) without the actual need to use Dream Radar. You can also clear the catched flags so you may transfer the legendary pokémon again to your savefile.

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21 june 2016 16:00 (BUILD 2016620_103138)

  • PGL Banette was fixed to male instead of female
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@suloku suloku released this Dec 6, 2016

20 june 2016 16:00 (BUILD 2016619_15156)

  • Fixed bug in entralink forest (crash when selecting pokemon over pachirisu in pleasant forest)
  • Actually set trainer data and correctly handle badge flags
  • Memory Link editor: can edit trainer name, TID and SID. Can export/import the memory link block. Can import Name, TID, SID and hall of fame from BW1 savegame. The flags are mostly unknown for now. Note: encryption seed is randomized when no data is present in BW2 savefile or importing from BW1.
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