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Version 1.5.2

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@suloku suloku released this 20 Nov 12:15

(Please check full changelog for more detailed changes)

New features

  • Added device selector (Press 1/R button to access it): you can now change fat devices without rebooting
  • SD Gecko support for Wii mode
  • GCLoader support for gamecube mode
  • Support for command line paramenters in both wii and gamecube (use Swiis cli files for gamecube, read more in cli_readme.txt)
  • Added Dark mode themed dol files


  • SD2SP2 fixed (only worked at first boot due to libogc bug)
  • Fixed exit/reboot secuence (finally)
  • Solved a very specific save restore issues
  • Fixed libogc bug preventing 2048 block cards correctly working
  • Several bugfixes on memory card functions thanks to Extrems and libogc2

General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.