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kfrohwein and danrot Updated the how to add fixtures reference page. (#385)
* Updated the how to add fixtures reference page. The text should be more selfexplaining and the code example is much cleaner now.

* Removed the "note" block because I don't know how to write it correctly and replaces it with a simple **bold**

* Fixed typo "is and" to "is an".

* Changing comment so it is more clear that setStructureType is for.

* Reworked and tested the code example how to implement a document fixture.

* Fixed indentation and changed #save to #flush as there is no save method.
Latest commit 7974df2 Aug 10, 2018

Sulu Documentation

The Sulu Documentation can be found on (


If there's something missing or wrong, feel free to contribute or contact us. We are on Twitter @sulu and we got a Slack Channel.