This project is closed. hexeditor written in C++, powered by Qt.
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hex editor.

This project is closed.


  • Huge file editing (more than 4GB)
  • Quick file save (Ovewrite mode only)

Future work

  • Multi platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) powered by Qt4
  • Multibyte encodings
  • Configurable keyboard bindings (OS Native, Vim like, Emacs like)
  • Keystroke macros
  • Little/Big endian visualizing
  • Regular-Expression search
  • Diff tool
  • Binary visualigng viewer (Bitmap)
  • Structual editing
  • Clipboard copy in any format
  • Edit log backup(swap)
  • Bookmark


  • This software contains LGPL code from Qt internal module
  • ./src/control/document_i.cpp
  • ./src/control/qfragmentmap_p.hpp
  • Shuzo's original code are under New BSD License(3-clause BSD License)