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SumatraPDF contains code by:
* Alexander Klenin
* Củ Văn Chuối (mrchuoi at
* David Lopez
* Danilo Roascio
* Jarkko Pöyry
* Krzysztof J. Kowalczyk (
* Ludo Brands
* Matthew Wilcoxson (matthew.wilcoxson at
* Nathan Jhaveri
* Peter Astrand
* Robert Liu
* Robert Prouse (rprouse at
* Simon Bünzli (zeniko at,
* Stefan Stefanov (userchefo at
* Tom Clegg
* vadmium at
* Vasily Fomin (vasili.fomin at
* Victor Kozyakin
* William Blum (william.blum at,
Most code under src is licensed as GPL v3 (see COPYING) with the main
exception of code in src/utils and src/mui which has a BSD license
(see COPYING.BSD). Due to mupdf/COPYING, section 13 of the AGPL v3
applies to SumatraPDF as well.
Icons by Zenon, Sonke Tesch, George Georgiou, Robert Hegner,
FAMFAMFAM and Yusuke Kamiyamane.
Windows program icon (gfx/SumatraPDF*.png, gfx/SumatraPDF.ico) by
Alex (koo.studios at, old address: zenon38 at
License: CC BY 3.0 (
Translations by various translators (see TRANSLATORS).
External projects are by their various authors:
Project License Type Website
bzip2 ext/bzip2/LICENSE
FreeType ext/freetype2/FTL.txt
jbig2dec ext/jbig2dec/COPYING AGPL
libjpeg-turbo ext/.../README-turbo.txt BSD
DjVuLibre ext/libdjvu/COPYRIGHT GPL
OpenJPEG ext/openjpeg/LICENSE BSD
SyncTeX ext/.../synctex_parser.c
zlib ext/zlib/zlib.h
lzma ext/lzma/lzma.txt
libwebp ext/libwebp/COPYING BSD
unarr ext/unarr/COPYING LGPL
CMap Resources mupdf/.../cmaps/README
XySSL mupdf/.../crypt-aes.c BSD
Arcfour mupdf/.../crypt-arc4.c
RSA's MD5 mupdf/.../crypt-md5.c
Android mupdf/.../droid/NOTICE APL
Poppler mupdf/.../pdf-annot.c GPL
ezgdi mupdf/.../pdf-ft-tools.c GPL
Fugue Icons CC BY 3.0