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* Array Initialization
* Some languages all ow initialization at the time of storage allocation
* C, C++, Java, C#
int list [] = { 4,5,7,83 }
* Character strings C/C++
char name[] = "bob";
* Array of string in C and C++
char *names [] = {"Bob", "Jake","Joe"};
* Java initialization os String objects
String[] names = {"bob","Jake","joe"};
* Array Slicing
* ...
* Implementation of Arrays
* Access function maps subscript expressions to an address in the array
* Access functions for single-dimensioned arrays: address(list[k]) = address (list[lower_bound]) + ((k-lower_bound)*element_size)
* Compiler-Time Descriptors
* Singe: Array, Element Type, Index Type, Lower bound, Upper Bound, Address
* Multi: Array, Element Type, Index Time. Number of Dimensions, Index Range 1 ... Index Range n, Address
* Associative Arrays
* An associative array is unordered collection of data elements that are indexed by an equal number of vales called keys
* User defined keys must be stored
* Design issues: What is the form of references to elements
* Definition of Record in COBOL
* COBOL uses level numbers to show nested records; others use recursive definition
05 FIRST PIC X(20).
05 MID PIC X(10).
05 LAST PICX(20).
* Operations on Records
* Assignment is very common if the types are identical
* Ada allows record comparison
* Ada records can be initialized with aggregate literals
* Copies a field of the source record to the corresponding field in the target record
* Evaluations and Comparison to Arrays
* Straight forward and safe design
* Records can be heterogeneous where as Arrays are a single type
* Access to array elements is much slower because subscripts are dynamic (field names are static/fixed-width)
* Implementation of Record Type
* Field1 = {} Data .. Field2 = {} Data
* Union Types
* A union is a type whose variables are allowed to store different type values at different times during execution
* Design Issues
* Should type checking be required?
* Should unions be embedded in records?