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Clean, press and starch phone numbers in a jiffy!
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This is a Ruby version of What Cheer's PHP API.

What's Number Laundry?

Number Laundry is a tiny API that accepts phone numbers and returns helpful information as json.

It's up and running with free access at but you can run your own copy with this source.


  • Ruby 1.8.7
  • gem install rack
  • gem install json

How do I get set up?

Just download and run rackup api.rb from this package's folder.


Number Laundry is released under the MIT License (See LICENSE)

About Us

Why did you make this?

We needed clean phone numbers and Twilio international rates lookups for a project of ours called Bumble. We built something quickly and realized it was pretty handy. So, we decided it would be nice to provide this service to anyone else who needed it.

Who are you?

We're What Cheer, a web design and development studio located in Omaha, Nebraska. We make fancy websites.

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