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Interactive Dash app for creating optimal fantasy basketball teams
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Fantasy Basketball Analysis for the 2019-20 Season

This is a Dash-based app, hosted on Heroku, that provides a few tabs of analysis for my fantasy basketball league on ESPN. While this app currently only supports my league, future work involves making it functional for any public ESPN fantasy basketball league.

Link is at:

The app currently has three tabs to view from:

  • The first is a dedicated player table which houses all of the stats for players this season as well as a raw score that is calculated based on weightings from each of the 9 head-to-head fantasy categories.

  • The second is a salary calculator that will allow you to put in players on your team and it calculates the total score of the team. This is useful in our league because we have a $110M salary cap.

  • The third tab is an optimal team calculator. The optimal team calculator takes a variety of inputs and calculates the optimal 10/11/12/13 man team that falls under the $110M salary cap based on the metrics and weighting provided. Users can include and exclude certain players from their calculated team, and also put in which fantasy team they are a part of (for my league only currently, sorry!) to determine the optimal team they can create. Users can create teams from season data, or from player data within the last 7 or 15 days.

  • The fourth tab analyzes the teams in my current fantasy league over the last 7,15,30 days or the whole season. It looks at how the team compares to other teams in the league and gives that information in radar charts, allowing teams to see what categories they should focus on or try to optimize for.

Demo below:

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