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This is a personal website for Sumin Byeon.

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  • A Google Sheet document and its ID. The ID is expected to be stored in GSPREAD_KEY environment variable.
  • A Google API key (refer this page for details).


Install gulp

npm install -g gulp

Build Semantic UI

npm install semantic-ui --save
cd semantics
gulp build


Since this is essentially a collection of static web resources (i.e., HTML, CSS, JavaScript) , deployment is quite straightfoward. We could use a traditional web hosting service or AWS S3, but we determined GitHub Pages is more than enough for a low-traffic static web site.

Publish to GitHub Pages

There is a shell script for that.


Compile a list of geocoordinates from Google Spreadsheet

web import-gspread $GSPREAD_KEY > web/static/locations.js

NOTE: This is automatically handled by script, and thus no need to be run unless for testing.

$GSPREAD_KEY is a Google Docs document ID. The Google service credentials is stored in a .json file, which is automatically generated upon a Google Service Key. For more details, refer this page.