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Sumit Kumar sumityadav

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sumityadav commented on issue zendframework/zf2#6345
Sumit Kumar

I am on PHP 5.4.12 already and it should be fixed and i still see the issue. Is this because I am running it on windows command line?

Sumit Kumar
Can't inherit abstract function Zend\Validator\Translator\TranslatorInterface::translate()
sumityadav commented on issue zendframework/zf2#5354
Sumit Kumar

Is this still an issue or resolved? I found this issue when I was working on PHP F…

Sumit Kumar
500 Internal Server Error
sumityadav commented on pull request twitter/bootstrap#6342
Sumit Kumar

The link is in the email. I think you should close that instance of heroku app.

sumityadav created repository sumityadav/try_git
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