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Buildout recipe Simple recipe for fetch code form remote repository, using system git
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Welcome to gitrecipe doc page


Recipe clones git repository and checkouts to revision, if it is provided in configuration. You can use recipe like this:

parts = data

recipe = gitrecipe
repository = git://
rev = origin/redevlop-branch


repository - repository url

ref of rev - git reference wich you want to checkout


rev option leaved for compatibility with zerokspot.recipe.git. It is better to use ref parameter, because it corresponds Git terminology

Since 0.0.2 recipe do check existing repository while install and update. Repository origin url must be the same as given in rev option. Otherwise repository will be deleted and cloned again.


I've used recipe zerokspot.recipe.git, but as for me, it too complex and has some disadvantages:

  • it does not allow commit from the source folder, default remote is local copy in downloads
  • it does not allow to specify the tag or branch of the repository, only revision hash

So I wrote my own git recipe with compatible options. You can choose this or that.

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